• EastWest Bank EveryDay Card
    • Get all that you need at 5% discount
    Interest Rate (monthly) 3.5%
    Balance Transfer (monthly) 8.4%
    Annual Fee ₱2,800

    You can get up to 5% cashback on your essential (supermarket, gas, and drugstore) purchases when you spend at least P10,000 on non-essential purchases monthly. If you spend between P5,000 and P10,000, you’ll get 3% cashback; if you spend less, the cashback is 0.5%.

  • RCBC Bankard Gold Card
    • Earn Flexible Rewards Points/AIRMILES/Cash Rebates from all your purchases
    • Free Budget monitoring tools that give you financial control and empowerment
    • Secure shopping – online and in stores
    • Convert purchases, outstanding balance and payables to installment
    • Free International Travel Insurance & Purchase Protection
    Interest Rate (monthly) 3.5%
    Balance Transfer (monthly) 18.79%
    Annual Fee ₱3,000

    Earn one (1) rewards point each time you charge ₱36 to your card or ₱125 from supermarkets, drugstores, or gas stations. You can choose how you want to be rewarded from a selection of flexible modes of redemption including cash rebates and cash credits.

  • Citi Cashback Card
    • 6% rebate on Groceries
    • 2% rebate on Meralco
    • 0.2% rebate on everything else.
    Interest Rate (monthly) 3.5%
    Balance Transfer (monthly) 11.88%
    Annual Fee ₱3,500

    Get up to 6% cashback on your grocery purchases and 2% cashback on your Meralco bills when you spend P10,000 on non-supermarket or non-Meralco establishments monthly. If you don’t meet this minimum, the cashback goes down to 0.20% for both categories.

  • American Express® Cashback Credit Card
    • Earn cashback on all your local and overseas expenses
    Interest Rate (monthly) 3%
    Balance Transfer (monthly) 13.04%
    Annual Fee ₱3,000

    This card lets you earn 1% cashback on all your local purchases and 2% for all overseas expenses. Enjoy up to 5% cashback for all your spends until December 31, 2015 (introductory offer).

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