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Our Mission

While money is not everything, it is central in every life moment.

Whether you are getting your first car or starting a family, we want to equip you to reach your goals through good financial decisions.

From simple tools to jargon-free advice, we make simplify money matters so that you can fully take charge of your life goals.

Since 2012, we have

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    11 million users every year

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    1.3 million customers served

  • Over 700 products listed

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    Over 55 partners and brands collaborated

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We Make It Easier for You

Whether you are looking for the right banking product or just wondering where to invest, we will help you

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    Our expert team curates and aggregates financial and utility products for your every life moment.

    Compare the best rates or get tailored recommendations in just a few clicks.

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    Apply for the product you deserve 100% online.

    Need help applying or just seeking advice? Have a chat with our Customer Care Agents instead

  • Learn

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    Equip yourself with jargon-free
    financial tips and tools!

    Insightful articles, free credit score checks and MORE.


Our Story

Since we started in 2012, our purpose of helping people reach their goals through good financial decisions has driven us to innovate and improve our services and solutions. This purpose presided our evolution from a mere financial comparison website to what we are today: A one-stop hub that simplifies personal financial decision making for the everyday person through innovative tech and jargon-free advice.

To date, we have helped over 10 million customers across Malaysia and Philippines in their personal financial journey through smart comparisons, simplified applications, tools, and money tips. We have also worked with over 50 financial services partners and government agencies to empower people in financial literacy.

In 2020, we became a sister company of JurisTech, a Malaysian-based B2B fintech developer which shares our vision of delivering excellent solutions and value to the financial industry.


Our Values

At iMoney, our core values guide every bit of our work. From the products we list on our website to the campaigns we run and the partners we work with, we breathe these values at every level of our planning and decision.

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    We prioritise honesty before personal gain, making sure that we bring value and meaning to people’s lives.

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    Make a Difference

    Whether it’s helping someone apply for a loan publishing a post about budgeting on Facebook, everything we do must help people journey towards a better financial future.

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    On the Money

    We strive to deliver excellence and value through every interaction we have with our customers and our own people.

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    No Drama

    As champions of the “Work hard, play hard” mentality, we work hard to deliver excellent solutions – and even harder to promote a healthy work space.

  • Icon enterprising


    We believe that there is a solution to every problem and are not afraid to think outside the box.

  • Icon Yearn to Learn

    Yearn to Learn

    Our hunger to learn is constant, leading us to perpetually improve ourselves so that we can better activate our calling to equip people towards a better financial future.

Meet the Team

  • See Wai Hun
    See Wai Hun
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Naaman Lee
    Naaman Lee
    Chief Operations Officer
  • John Lim
    John Lim
    Chief Technology Officer
  • A picture of Yap Ken Han
    Yap Ken Han
    General Manager of iMoney Group
  • Mercy Balano
    Mercy Balano
    Head of Customer Care
  • Van Patricia Abrogena
    Commercial Manager