11 Ways to Fight Stress Without Spending Too Much

11 Ways to Fight Stress Without Spending Too Much

When you’re in the middle of a crazy and hectic work week, all you want to do is crawl into a hole, shut out the world, and decompress. In the Philippines, our jobs are the main source of our stress. Throw in bad bosses, unprofessional co-workers, and hellish everyday traffic and you’ve got yourself a very stressful life. Doctors advise on finding ways to eliminate stress, but this can be challenging if you have a tight budget. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Here are some ideas to combat stress which you can totally afford.

running girl imageGo For a Quick Run

Running is your friend, especially if you lead a stressful and hectic lifestyle. When you run, you have a chance to be alone with your thoughts. You can think clearly and privately. Not to mention your body releases endorphins, the hormones you have to thank when you feel happy and good. They also help relieve anxiety and other symptoms of stress.  

Reading a Book imageRead Your Favorite Book

Did you know that reading a book can reduce your stress levels by as much as 68%? It can be a wonderful and informative escape from the stress of work and everyday life. Reading relaxes the body by easing tense muscles and lowering your heart rate. Set an hour or two each day to read a few chapters from a book, and you will instantly feel the stress going away.

Home entertainment imageYou Can Netflix and Chill

We mean this in the literal sense, of course. You can binge watch your favorite shows while you relax on your favorite couch. For just ₱460 each month, which you can pay via citibank credit card online or debit card, you can have access to a ton of TV shows, documentaries, and movies that you can watch on your TV and your mobile device. No need to get dressed, brave hellish traffic, and queue for tickets. Just invite your friends over, make some popcorn and serve cold drinks, and you’re all set.

listening to music imageListen To Relaxing Music

Good and relaxing music can help you get in the zone. The stress-free zone that is. If you have Apple Music or Spotify, you can choose from hundreds of playlists to help you relax and chill. There’s a playlist for quiet mornings, for chill afternoons, and for laidback evenings. There are even playlists to help you sleep, study, or work. If you have your own vinyl or CD collection, playing different albums in no particular order can also take your chillout and relaxation session to a whole new level.

being massaged imageHave a Massage

If you want to destress, go get yourself a massage. For just an hour and thirty minutes, all the aches and tensions will be gone from your body. ‘Feel good’ chemicals are released whenever you have a massage, and a feeling of calm relaxation just comes over you. It can lower your heart rate and cortisol levels, and give you improved energy and state of mind. Plus, a massage just really, really feels good.  

sleeping imageGo For a Nap or Just Sleep In

Sleep is very important if you want to combat stress. The body repairs itself when you’re asleep, so give your body some down time whenever you can. It’s a free and natural stress reliever that gives your body’s stress levels the chance to go back to normal. If you’re feeling too stressed lately, get some sleep and you will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

spaghetti imageCook and Eat Your Favorite Dish

Treat yourself to your favorite comfort food. Cooking can be very therapeutic. Eating comfort food? Even more therapeutic. It actually helps to ease stress. The pleasurable properties that can be found in delicious foods, not the number of calories, can effectively reduce stress. The more delicious the food, the more effectively it can shield you against behavioral and physiological effects of stress. Just make sure that you squeeze in a few hours of exercise every time you have a sampling of comfort food.

colored pencils and coloring book imageHave Fun With Coloring Books

Who says only kids can have fun with crayons and coloring books? Turns out that coloring books for adults are also great stress busters. And very inexpensive, too. They elicit a relaxing and soothing mindset very similar to what you will achieve when you meditate or do yoga. There are also significant changes in your heart rate and in your brainwaves when you color. Stock up on those really nice and intricate looking coloring books. You can buy them at any bookstore at a very affordable price.

cup of tea imageGrab a Cup of Tea

A cup of tea can greatly reduce your stress levels, too. Just the act of putting the kettle on can already affect your stress levels. The fact that you’re about to have a cup of tea sends a calming effect all over your body. Tea can improve your moods and induce feelings of relaxation. It doesn’t matter what kind of tea you have. Just have a cup when you want to destress and treat your mind and body to some pleasure and refreshment.

tub and showing imageHave a Long and Relaxing Bath

If you’re feeling stressed, have a long and luxurious bath or shower. Bathing has healing properties for both body and mind. When you have a hot bath, your heart rate and temperature are elevated, so you end up sweating to dispel the heat, ridding your body of toxins including stress and anxiety.

You can use essential oils so that the wonderful aroma can relax you, lift your spirits, and ease your tensions. Lavender is a lovely scent for relaxation, while sandalwood can help clear your thoughts. You can use any kind of aromatic essential oil or bath product and it will work just as wonderfully.  

friends laughing imageLaugh Out Loud With Friends

You can get stress relief from laughter, and that’s no joke. Whether it’s from laughing over a hilarious joke or a funny YouTube clip, a good laugh can relax your whole body, release stress and tension, and even boost your immune system. The more you laugh, the more you cool down the stress response, resulting in an overall feeling of happiness and relaxation. Surround yourself with people who leave you in stitches and just laugh the stress away!

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