5 Extreme Money Saving Tips [VIDEO]

Saving money is tough task for most of us, it requires a lot of delaying gratification and intense self – control, but how far are you willing to go to save money? This video was aired on TLC in the US, though these are extreme ways of saving money, you are free to do it for yourself.

Don’t Use Toilet Paper

According to the makers of Charmin (a toilet paper brand in the United States) on an average person uses 20,805 sheets of toilet paper per year. Multiplying that by four would get you to 83,220 sheets of toilet paper that can be used by a family. A normal roll of toilet paper has 200 – 300 sheets per roll.

Assuming it is 200 sheets per roll, that accounts for 416 rolls of toilet paper at 15 pesos. A whopping, P6,240.00 per year just for toilet paper. Some even go as far as not flushing the toilet and putting “it” in a bottle.

Never Pay For Laundry

While bathing, why not collect the water you used and wash your clothes with your dirty laundry? Remember that all utilities in the Philippines are increasing their prices and supply is getting scarce by the second. Although admirable, would you dare do it? You be the judge.

Dumpster Diving

There goes the saying that, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. These ladies took it to a whole new level, they go look for food, furniture, toys and even in some cases, clothes that they can wash or recycle and “It’s as good as new!”

Sharing is Caring

If you know that food in a certain restaurant cost per plate and given that you have a big family? Would you take advantage of it and stack your plate with food that can feed 2 or more people? We would! But would you pay the bill with just coins? Hmmm

Keep All The Tags

Do you have an addiction for buying the latest trends? Well, this guy does! But he doesn’t want to spend money for anything, so he keeps the tags on the clothes he bought and when they ran out of style, he returns them and gets a refund for the full price. Although in the Philippines, you can’t get a full refund, you can exchange your clothes for other items that you may need such as groceries and home decorations.


Well, these are very extreme money saving techniques to begin with but it’s a democratic country, you are free to do anything you can do with your money. As long as you are living life without offending anyone, people may call you cheap at least you are not stealing.

Have you done something extreme just to save money? Let us know!

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