5 Perfect Ways To Be Healthy and Save Money

Health is wealth. With the rising medical inflation in the country, this adage has never rung truer. Health being known as an investment, it has been long accepted that anything considered “healthy” would normally cost more money than your average options. Think, organic food.

So, is healthy living a luxury? Do people who are not as well-to-do have to resort to eating at cheaper fast food restaurants? Though the fast food industry has taken their fair share of criticism for creating unhealthy options for the public – it is nevertheless, just an option. Consumers still have the right to choose a healthier option without compromising their wallet.

With these practical tips, you don’t have to break your budget in your quest to living a healthier lifestyle. In fact, in the long run, this can help you save.

Revamp your Grocery Habits

Most city dwellers prefer to shop for their groceries in the supermarkets rather than at the wet markets. It is a well-known fact that produce and other groceries can cost more in the malls due to the expensive rental and overhead expenditure incurred.

By going to the market to get your vegetables and meat, you can haggle for cheaper prices and most of the time get fresher ingredients for your recipe.

Know what organic food to buy

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Organic food refers to food that are processed (if at all) naturally, without the use of pesticides and other possibly harmful chemicals. This only means farmers have to try more expensive methods in order to grow their harvest.
If you lack a green thumb, you will have no choice but to look for organic produce from the supermarket. However, not everything needs to be organic.

For instance, bananas which you have to peel the skin to consume, don’t necessarily have to be organic. On the other hand, apples, celery, strawberries and potatoes, which are consumed directly, should be organic. With this trick, you can save some money by just buying the right type of organic food!

Sweating without the gym fees

Subscribing to a gym membership is not to be taken lightly – with the increasingly expensive membership fees, not everyone can afford to sweat it out in a fancy gym anymore.

Around the metro, you do not only need to pay for the annual and monthly fees, you also need to pay additional fees to get a trainer to assist you in using the gym facilities.

Now, the cost of being buff and healthy does not have to be this high. There are several ways on how you can achieve the best toned version of yourself without spending thousands month after month.

1. Run outside

Instead of just running on a treadmill, it is a good idea to just use your neighborhood park for a jog – for free! Treadmills in the gym are equipped with a built-in television to entertain the joggers/runners because running in the same place can be pretty boring after 10 minutes.

By choosing a scenic park to jog, you can enjoy the nature without spending any money!

2. Perform circuit training

Signing for Crossfit in the gym can cost you about as much as P4,000 pesos a month or even more, but if this is an amount you can ill-afford, consider circuit training that can achieve the same result. A well-known circuit training is m100, which involves completing a series of exercise to total of 100 repetitions.

Some of the exercises are jumping jacks, squats, burpees and mountain climbers. If 100 sets of each exercise becomes too easy, up the sets to make the challenge tougher. A full body workout like this can burn a good amount of calories without using any gym equipment.

3. Buying your own dumbbells

If your argument to join a gym is to utilize its expensive equipment, it will be much cheaper to get your own in the long run. The most basic equipment you need is a set of dumbbells.

Instead of investing on fixed weights, you can take on plates that could be easily dismantled when you don’t need it. This way, it will take up less space and will be easier to store when not in use.

If you need more equipment, find a few friends and have each one in the group buying different equipment. This way, you can have the gym facilities without the monthly fees!

Learn how to cook

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Nothing is healthier than food that you prepare yourself. You will know exactly what is used and the quality of the ingredients.
You can also save tons of cash by cooking your own meal. Eating lunch at work can easily cost 50- 100 pesos, making up 1000-2000 a month. By brown bagging, you can half your lunch expenses by making simple salad, pasta or sandwiches from home.

Invest in Health Care

Falling sick can cost you a lot financially – you may not be able to work and this may affect your income, plus you will have to fork out money for your medical bill. Investing in HMO cards can be the perfect solution.

Though it costs some serious money, this can still be a better alternative than to pay for every procedure, and doctor’s fee. Some individuals who are lucky enough to get HMO coverage from their employer, won’t have to worry too much. However, things can be quite different for the self-employed individuals, but with options like Maxicare, Philcare and other HMO options, they have the options of protecting themselves from insurmountable medical bills.

Dental coverage can sometimes be excluded from the basic HMO coverage. Always check if it’s included and what sort of services will be covered. It is common to have ordinary extractions included, but you may have to pay for minor dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth extraction.

Other than HMOs, medical insurance is another option, mostly for more critical situations that requires hospitalization. This also requires a higher premium compared to HMOs. It is important to ensure constant contributions to your PhilHealth, for just P150 a month to avail of its benefits especially during hospitalizations.

Pinoys are not really savvy when it comes to medical services due to lack of education. In fact, we spend merely $4 annually on medical fees. Does this mean that we are healthier than most? Not really. This just means that we are don’t fancy visiting the doctor when we are ill. This is mostly due to the lack of coverage and having to pay for medical bills from our pocket.

Healthy living is all about prioritizing your spending to optimize your health. Little things like eating right and exercising regularly will go a long way in preventing any major illnesses. By preparing yourself for any illnesses, you are saving money in the long run!

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