6 Small Things More Expensive than Health Insurance

So many people act subconsciously when it comes to spending money. A lot of us have a very skewed spending habits that keeps hurting us so much, long term wise. One very common example of this habit is paying for unnecessary wants instead of paying for needs in example – health insurance. Here are small luxuries that we think don’t give a dent to our budget but actually they do.

Overpriced Coffee

overpriced coffee

One cup of Café Latte will cost at least Php 110. And let’s just say you go to Starbucks twice a week so that would add up to Php 880 a month. If you compare that with the cost of an average health insurance (Php 600), you would still have more or less Php 280 on your wallet by the end of the month. Moreover, you can assure that your health needs would be secured over a meager cup of overpriced coffee and a few minutes of chitchat. And oh, this doesn’t even include the cake you order.

Expensive Clothes


Clothes are undeniably a need. But to buy expensive limited edition designer brands is considered to be a bad spending habit, well to mostly especially if you are not that earning well. If you compare the average jeans of Php 500-1000 to a pair of Levi’s 501s that costs more than Php 2000, imagine the amount of money you can set aside for more important things.

Taxi Fares

taxi rides are expensive

Nothing is bad when boarding a taxi if you can afford of course but not okay to the pount that you ride one everyday. If an average taxi ride per day is Php 200 and you get a cab for 5 times weekly, then you are spending an average of Php 4000 monthly. Compared to an average of Php 50 for a bus/jeepney or Php 30 for MRT, that would be more than enough to buy a car in a few years. Additionally, choosing public transport (Bus, Jeep, MRT/LRT, v-hire) is an eco-friendly means of transportation.

Fast Food

Other than the fact that fast-food meals make you guilty after indulging them, they are also more expensive. If you compare fast food meals averaging Php 50-150 with meals from “carenderia” and cafeteria food that costs Php 30-70, you can already save a significant amount of money especially if you eat out more than twice a day. Even better, why not pack lunch, you know it doesn’t hurt if you do it at least twice a week. Trust me.

Postpaid Plans

postpaid plan

Postpaid plans can be a means of saving but often end up becoming a big month-end liability. It is because of people having “text, call, and internet all you want” feeling with postpaid plans thus bills pile and become almost impractical for them. More so, some plans have hidden charges and have no limits on usage making it harder for anyone to manage. There’s a lot of horror stories I’m sure you’ve heard.

Entertainment Expenses

beers chips and chicks

Club or bar drinks will never be cheap. Most of them even cost twice as much from their regular price. So it would really hurt your wallet if you party often and bring lots of cash with you. Furthermore, health is, again, very important and going to clubs will expose you to a lot of stress, drinking, and even diseases. Whoops!

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