Be Ahead with Life Insurance

life insurancePreparing for an exam can give you a passing mark, preparing for a trip can save you a lot of time and money and even preparing the night before going to your workplace saves you from the horrors of traffic or from your boss’ wrath. Confucius once said, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. .” See how the word ‘prepare’ was abused in this paragraph alone.

With life’s uncertainties, more and more people are getting obsessed with safeguarding their future. Most people if not all fear the future. In fact, it is listed as the number two most known fear known by man. It is true for a common Juan as well. We fear the future and not being able to take care of our loved ones, it is deep rooted in our culture to take care of the family, in sickness and in health.

The whole theory of getting a life insurance is basically what this fear addresses. A life insurance is used basically as an assurance in a form of a contract between an insured (the paying customer) and an insurer (insurance company) , where the insurer pays a beneficiary designated by the insured upon his death. In return, the insured pays a sum of money in forms of premium in the course of the contract.

“When it comes to my family, I refuse to say “Bahala Na!””

Often times, when we hear the word “insurance” we think of negative things, such as “hold-up na may abiso” (robbery with consent), “walang kwenta” (no use) and worst is “peperahan ka lang nyang mga ‘yan” (the company only wants your money). We are all entitled to our opinion but isn’t that when we hear the same word we can relate it to “para sa hinaharap” (for the future) and “kaligtasan ng pamilya” (family’s safety). Things that we enjoy today are never permanent; all things can come to an end eventually especially our youth. Life insurance has a lot of benefits in which it can be treated as an investment, a security for your dependents or simply a way to save money. The key to it is really knowing how much you need and what are your ways in paying for it.

Life Insurance is needed by everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a young professional, a parent or a grandparent. Reality is someone is dependent in you or will be depending in you. The good thing about life insurances is for long term, you can treat it as savings or a humble investment or simply a tool to minimize risk in being financially incapacitated. If you are the breadwinner, think of getting one.

“Bahala Na!” (“Whatever will be, will be”.)  is second skin to us Filipinos, this is what we are, go where the wind blows but we must admit that even if there is optimism in this trait such as adjusting to different personalities and cultures it also connotes that we do not plan as often as we should.  When it comes to my family, I refuse to say “Bahala Na!” (“Whatever will be, will be”.) How about you?

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