How To Get An RFID Sticker For Your Car?

How To Get An RFID Sticker For Your Car?

The North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) are expressways that provide motorists faster access to and from Metro Manila. If you drive, chances are you have to use these tollways at some point. 

A huge change was recently implemented in the payment system for these two expressways, and it’s done to make our lives easier. The NLEX and SLEX tolls will only accept toll payments from motorists with RFID stickers as mandated by the Department of Transportation. With this transition, these expressways will be completely cashless. Gone are the days when you’d scramble to reach for your cash whenever you approach the toll booth. 

What is an RFID sticker?

RFID is the acronym for Radio-frequency identification, and it’s usually in the form of a tag or sticker. This tag or sticker can transmit digital data to an RFID reader electromagnetically, allowing for contactless communication between the sticker and a reader. The implementation of RFID stickers for all cars using our expressways allows the toll operator to get payment information from the driver without any close contact, and it makes cashless payment possible from the comforts of your own car. 

How and where can I get an RFID sticker?

According to the Toll Regulation Board (TRB), motorists have different options to acquire an RFID sticker. You can acquire your own RFID sticker through the following:

  • Book an RFID sticker appointment online and go to the installation site on the assigned schedule
  • For walk-in at installation sites, this is not covered by the online appointment system;
  • You can also schedule an off-site RFID sticker installation for your area (This is upon request and subject to availability of schedule)
  • Have an RFID sticker installed at an appropriate lane at the toll gate, or at an installation site/tent near a toll booth

Primarily, there are two main RFID sticker providers: Easytrip and Autosweep. You can hook one up by booking an appoint at one of their installation sites. 

RFID sticker installation appointment

Where are the RFID sticker installation sites?

There is a handful of RFID installation sites scattered around Metro Manila. However, you have to take note which RFID sticker you’re planning to install – is it EasyTrip or Autosweep? Each installation site don’t cater to both RFID stickers, each site can only install one type of RFID sticker. 

Easytrip installation sites

  1. Karuhatan Interchange northbound exit             
  2. Karuhatan Interchange southbound entry
  3. Lawang Bato entry
  4. Ciudad de Victoria northbound entry
  5. Marilao northbound entry
  6. Santa Rita northbound and southbound entries
  7. Pulilan northbound and southbound entries
  8. San Simon northbound and southbound entries
  9. Mexico entry
  10. Dau Interchange northbound and southbound entries
  11. Santa Ines entry
  12. Mabiga northbound and southbound entries
  13. Concepcion entry
  14. San Miguel entry
  15. Clark South A and B entries
  16. Porac entry
  17. Floridablanca entry
  18. Cavite Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) northbound ambulant – Manila-bound CIC customer service center.
  19. CIC southbound ambulant – CAVITEX-bound CIC customer service center
  20. C5 customer service – West Service Road and C5 Extension Road junction, Taguig City (Class 1 only, by appointment)
  21. Merville Toll after toll plaza
  22. Taguig Toll
  23. Mamplasan-Greenfield customer service center before Mamplasan toll plaza exit (Class 1 only, by appointment)
  24. Laguna Boulevard A toll plaza
  25. Laguna Boulevard B toll plaza
  26. Laguna Technopark toll plaza

AutoSweep 24/7 RFID installation sites

  1. Shell Magallanes
  2. Old NAIAX toll gate
  3. Runway northbound toll gate
  4. Eton northbound toll gate
  5. Southwood northbound toll gate
  6. Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway (TPLEX) Tarlac RFID center

Where can you use your RFID stickers?

The RFID stickers from the two providers have their own limitations, each of the two can only be used at specific tollways. To have cashless access to all the tollways in the Metro, it’s highly recommended to get both RFID stickers from Easytrip and Autosweep. 

Where can you use your Easytrip RFID?

Their RFID stickers only in tollways managed by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) such as the following: 

  • NLEX
  • C5-Link Flyover

Where can you use your Autosweep RFID?

Autosweep RFID can be used in tollways managed by San Miguel Corporation (SMC) infrastructures which are the following:

  • SLEX
  • STAR Tollway
  • Skyway
  • MCX

How do you reload your RFID sticker?

There are various methods for you to reload your RFID stickers from Easytrip and Autosweep. The process is easy and you have the option to reload it online or using your phone. 

Reload options for Autosweep

  • Gcash
  • Express, Online, and E-wallet: GCash, PayMaya,, Eon, JustPay.To, ExpressPay, E.CPay, E.Tap, TouchPay
  • Online Banking Partners: Bank of Commerce, Union Bank, Chinabank, Maybank
  • Gasoline Station Partners: Petron & Shell
  • Mall Partners: SM, Robinsons, Rustan’s, Walter Mart
  • Supermarket Partners: SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Wellcome, The Marketplace
  • Convenience Store Partners: Treats, 7/11, Family Mart
  • Others: Bayad Center, LBC, DA5, RD Pawnshop, Tambunting, ShareTreats

Reload options for Easytrip

  • Gcash
  • Express, Online, and E-wallet: GCash, PayMaya,, SmartMoney, Eon, JustPay.To, E.CPay, TouchPay
  • Online Banking Partners: BDO, UCPB, Metrobank, MasterCard, Visa, Bancnet
  • Mall Partners: SM, Robinsons, Walter Mart
  • Convenience Store Partners: 7/11
  • Others: Bayad Center, LBC, Posible

Checking your RFID balance

Since AutoSweep and EasyTrip are two different providers, you’ll have to subscribe to their individual channels or app to check your RFID balance. Before we show you how, here are the available channels for each RFID provider to check your balance. 

  • EasyTrip: toll gates and mobile app
  • AutoSweep: toll gates, SMS, website, mobile app (Android only for now)

How do I check my Easytrip RFID balance?

At the moment, the only available option for Easytrip RFID sticker owners to check their balance is through the mobile app which they can download from App Store or Playstore. 

How do I check my Easytrip RFID balance using the App?

  1. Download Easytrip from App Store for iOs or Playstore for Android. 
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. The balance will be displayed on your app’s home page.


How do I check my Autosweep RFID balance?

Autosweep users have various means of checking their balance easily, they can either do it through SMS, Autosweep’s website, or through their App (if you’re an Android user. Here’s how you can do that!

How to check Autosweep RFID balance through SMS?

  1. In your text mobile phone’s SMS, type in AUTOSWEEP [space] BALINQ [space] card number (for To-Go subscribers) or plate number (for premium subscribers)”. 
  2. Send the text message to 0917-860-8655 for Globe subscribers or 0918-860-8655 for Smart subscribers.


How to check Autosweep RFID balance on their website?

  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. You can register your Autosweep account using your account number if you haven’t yet. Or, you can log in using your registered email and dedicated password if you already have one. 
  3. Your balance will show on your home page.


How to check your Autosweep RFID balance through their app?

Their mobile app isn’t available in either Android Playstore or Apple’s App Store. The only way you can install it in your phone is by downloading the apk app through their website. Thus, the app is only available to Android phones for now. 

Installing the Autosweep App

  1. On your phone’s web browser, go to their website:
  2. Click the “balance inquiry” option, it’s at the top center of their home page – it’s hard to miss. It will then immediately prompt you to download the app. 
  3. After the download, find it in your phone’s download folder; tap it then click “install.”

Checking the balance of your RFID sticker through Autosweep’s App 

  1. Open the app.
  2. Log in using your registered email and password.
  3. The balance will show immediately on your App’s home screen.


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