Cost Of Having A Baby In The Philippines

Cost Of Having A Baby In The Philippines

Estimations by analysts have revealed just how shockingly expensive it is to have kids in2021. 

For those that really value family and are looking to start one of their own, making the mature choice and preparing their finances is very important. Without a doubt, it’s going to be an expensive preparation, but with realistic estimates, you’ll have a better perspective on how and when to start. 

If you plan to have a baby, it is important to prioritize the bulk expenses because it covers the cost of the delivery and hospitalizations. The recurring expenses can be remedied as you go. 

Delivery costs in the Philippines 2021

Due to the pandemic, prices have gone up significantly making hospitalization costs more expensive. If you’re looking to mitigate your expenses, you can opt to have your delivery at these hospitals where delivery prices start at ₱32,000 upwards. 

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These prices are mostly adjusted for PhilHealth coverage. 

Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (NSVD)
₱32,000South Superhighway Medical Center
₱40,000Los Banos Doctors Hospital
₱42,000Marcelo Hospital in Baliuag Bulacan
₱100,000Medical Center Taguig
₱180,000Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa

C-Section Births
₱101,000VT Maternity Hospital in Marikina City
₱113,000Unihealth Paranaque Hospital & Medical Center
₱250,000Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa

Christ the King Parish Church in Las Pinas
₱100,000Soriano-Leyble Medical and Maternity Hospital Antipolo
₱100,000Zarate General Hospital in Las Pinas
₱101,000Manila East Medical Center in Taytay
₱114,000Emilio Aguinaldo College in Cavite
₱140,000Las Pinas Doctors Hospital

The prices quoted for the respective hospitals above are still subject to adjustment influenced by factors such as inflation and may change depending on when you’re reading this. To be safe and to give you better flexibility in choosing hospitals from the list, it’s best to prepare at least ₱100,000.

How much does a baby cost per year?

A baby costs more than just food and clothing. According to the research by Picodi, here’s what a parent would generally spend on their baby during their very first year.

Basic expenses for one whole year generally cost at least ₱108,000, and these are the bare minimum expenses without having to cut back on providing what the baby needs. 

Basic expenses
Hospital bag₱2,200
Maternity clothes and others₱7,000
Home improvement₱14,600
Baby care products₱23,000

Expanded expenses
Hospital bag₱3,000
Maternity clothes and others₱10,400
Home improvement₱30,800
Baby care products₱30,100

Expanded expenses can go from ₱157,600 and up. These include choosing the more expensive options but not the overly luxurious choices like better quality clothes, car seats, a more expensive variety of formula milk for mothers who can’t lactate.

When making a budget, it is important to give a little room for adjustments. Preparing for the worst (financially) is better than just getting by. Making room for extended expenses in your budget is only practical because there will always be expenses that we don’t plan for. 

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These estimates are only for the first year of the baby. As they get older, naturally, their needs will grow as well. Babies will get taller, grow a larger appetite, need more toys, and etc. 

Medical costs aren’t included in these estimates.

Emergency medical fund

Generally, having health insurance that would cover your baby is almost as good as having cash on hand, but as they say – cash is king. Babies have developing immune systems which is why they need to be medicated whenever they show even the most subtle sign of illness. Having an emergency medical fund is very important to cover the initial costs of whatever checkup, medicine, or other medical needs the baby might have on the spot that your insurance can’t immediately cover. 

There is no question that insurance can save your finances when the need for medical coverage arises, but sometimes they take time to process. Thus having cash on hand can really come in handy. 

Saving up at least ₱50,000 to ₱100,000 as an emergency medical fund should be enough to cover the immediate costs of whatever medical emergencies you might encounter. Of course, the bigger the savings the better.

Total annual cost (from pregnancy to delivery)

To sum it up, here’s how much you need (initially) to save if you want to have a baby in the Philippines. 

Hospitalization ₱32,000 to ₱180,000
Day-to-day expenses₱108,000 to ₱157,600
Medical expenses (on top of your insurance)₱50,000 to ₱100,000
Total₱190,000 to ₱437,000

The estimates made in this article are made to reflect the worst-case scenario, actual expenses may vary depending on your location, condition, and other factors not mentioned herein.

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