Gas Up For Less With These Fuel Rebate Credit Cards

Gas Up For Less With These Fuel Rebate Credit Cards

With fuel prices changing every week, having a credit card that gives you discounts on your fuel purchases can provide a good buffer for your expenses.

With these cards, you can save money on fuel to the tune of thousands of pesos every year and enjoy other motorist discounts at dealerships and service stations. You could never go wrong with owning a gas loyalty credit card, especially if you are thinking of getting a credit card.

A full tank of gas could cost you as much as ₱2,000 to ₱3,000 pesos, depending on your car. Even if you’re just an average car owner who only drives from home to work and for occasional strolls on weekends, you’ll be spending three times or more than that! So, a single digit rebate on your fuel expenses could mean additional miles worth of fuel!

To make the most out of your fuel expenses, you can never go wrong applying for any of these gas loyalty credit cards.

Citi Shell Card

Citi Shell Card

Citi Shell Card

Rebates on your daily drive

  • Fuel rebates: 3 – 5% at Shell (5% if you spend ₱10,000 outstore)
  • Extra features: 5% rebate for SLEX and NLEX toll load, 5% rebate on ALL auto repairs, accessories and services nationwide, 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Annual fee: ₱2,500
  • Maximum rebates: ₱6,000/year (Classic), ₱12,000/year (Gold)

If you go to Shell to refuel, or you do a lot of traveling along NLEX and SLEX, this card could save you up to P12,000 a year. As long as you spend P10,000 at outlets other than Shell, NLEX/SLEX, and car shops, you can enjoy 5% Shell fuel rebates (if you don’t, you still get 3% Shell rebates).

For every P2,000 you spend on a full tank, you’ll accumulate P100 without expiry date and you can claim whenever you want; just call the CitiPhone hotline to redeem. If you accumulate P1,000, it’ll automatically be credited to your next billing statement.

The cash back doesn’t just apply to fuel — if you use your card to buy ePass load credits on SLEX, or Easytrip credits on NLEX, you’ll get a 5% rebate. You’ll also get 5% rebates on auto repairs at any service center or car shop anywhere in the country.

You can also rest easy with 24-hour nationwide emergency roadside assistance, up to a limit of ₱2,000 per service.


HSBC Platinum Card

HSBC Platinum Card

HSBC Platinum Card

4x points for Overseas Spending

  • Fuel rebates: 3% fuel rebate at Caltex stations
  • Extra features: 10% rebate on your first Caltex transaction with your new card
  • Annual fee: ₱1,200 (Red), ₱2,500 (Gold), ₱5,000 (Platinum)
  • Maximum rebates: ₱600/month

A shopping credit card that’s also a fuel card on the side. If you simply want a credit card that will reward you not just for your car fuel purchases but for all your shopping needs, the HSBC Platinum Card is for you. Owning this credit card will entitle you to 3% rebates at any Caltex station in the Philippines, saving you ₱60 for every ₱2,000 full tank you purchase.

Fuel discount isn’t the only perks of having this card because every spend you make will earn you Bonus Points, which you can use to redeem Rewards items or miles.

All HSBC credit card offers exclusive shopping discounts for Red or airline miles for Platinum. Having one will not just limit your spending to just fuel expenses to maximize your card’s privileges.

Don’t have an HSBC Credit Card yet? Apply now and enjoy a special 6% rebate on your first transaction at Caltex with your new HSBC Credit Card!

BPI Petron MasterCard

BPI Petron Mastercard

BPI Petron Mastercard

Gas rebates with Petron!

  • Fuel rebates: 3% at Petron fuel stations
  • Extra features: Free ₱200 fuel voucher with your new card, 10% discount on Petron lubes and auto services, 24-hour price shield
  • Annual fee: ₱1,550
  • Maximum rebates: ₱15,000/year

A credit card for people who favor Petron fuel stations among others. For every ₱2,000 you spend for filling-up at any Petron station, you will get a ₱60 rebate on your next bill. The fuel rebates you earn will be automatically credited to your statement of account; allow for one month for the rebates to show up. With Petron having over 478 affiliated stations across the country, you can literally take advantage of this cards 3% off your total fuel bill anywhere in the country.

Another benefit of this card is the 24-hour price shield. This feature allows you to pay lower fuel price within 24 hours from the time Petron announces a fuel price hike. This way you can gas up before a fuel hike and save more money on your fuel expenses every month.  

Lastly, you’ll also get 10% off on Petron lubes and oils, as well as discounts on car accessory and resort-hotel partner merchants.

RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card

RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card

RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card

Enjoy pulse-racing lifestyle rewards

  • 5% discount on Phoenix gasoline and diesel engine oils
  • 5% rebate on Phoenix fuel purchases
  • Free ₱500 Phoenix fuel as a welcome gift
  • Free towing & roadside assistance and accident insurance
  • Exchange your Rewards Points for free flights, gift vouchers or cash rebates

This credit card goes the extra mile in serving you with the best privileges that you could ever get from a gas loyalty credit card. Other than rebates on gas purchases at any Phoenix gas stations, free shopping gift vouchers, or free flights to your dream destination, owning one will entitle you to free towing and roadside assistance.  

See the complete list of participating Phoenix stations here.

As for the basics, you can redeem a minimum of ₱ 200 worth of fuel rebates by simply calling RCBC Bankard Customer Service Hotline at 888-1-888. The redeemed fuel rebate will be posted to your account as a deduction from the outstanding balance on statement cycle date following the date of redemption.  

New cardholders will also get a free ₱ 500 worth of Phoenix Fuels as a welcome gift which will be credited to the account after 75 days from the issuance date by spending least ₱ 2,000 at any participating Phoenix Fuel stations nationwide.

Another benefit of owning an RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card is the free accident insurance coverage. In cases of accidents, disablement or death, trust that your Phoenix RCBC Bankard Mastercard will have additional coverage for protection through Assist & Assistance Concept (A & A Concept).

DETAILSAMOUNT (in Philippine Pesos)
Accidental Death₱10,000
Permanent Disablement/Dismemberment₱10,000
Unprovoked Murder or Assault₱10,000
Medical Reimbursement due to an accident₱5,000
Emergency Room Treatment₱3,000
Burial Benefit due to Accidental Death and unprovoked murder or assault₱5,000

Which card should you get?

Just like choosing any credit card, get one that will suit your lifestyle and spending habit. If you’re the type who doesn’t spend much on shopping and only needs the card purely for fuel rebates purposes, then go for the card that is solely meant for that purpose, like those branded gas loyalty credit cards. If your card spending habit is not exclusive to your fuel purchases, then get a shopping credit card with fuel rebates.

Awareness of your spending habit and leveraging on those is the key to maximizing credit card benefits. The same principle applies in choosing a gas loyalty credit card.

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