Best Postpaid Plan Guide in the Philippines

As most of you may already know, there are three major networks in the country and each of them offer a wide variety of post-paid plans. And like the thousands of other Filipinos, you may be confused about what network to choose and what type of plan to take. Well, you’re in luck. This article will show you the different plans of the three major networks (Smart, Globe, and Sun Cellular) and will talk about the three networks’ pros and cons for you to have a better view of which network to go with and which post-paid plan to choose.

Smart Postpaid Plan


Being the biggest network in the Philippines in terms of subscribers (72.5 million as of Sept 2013), it wouldn’t be a surprise if most of your contacts are from this network. It is important to point this out because if your contacts are on the same networks as you, then post-paid plan bill will be lesser (no other network text & call charges).

1. Smart All-in Plan – This plan lets you create your own package of texts, calls, and mobile internet without the extra charges. Additionally, it offers next generation handsets for you to choose from. The plan starts at 500, then 800, 1200, 1800, and 2500.

2. iPhone Plan – For all Apple fan boys/fan girls out there, this plan exclusively offers iPhones with added text, calls, and unlimited mobile internet combos. You have the option to pay for the iPhone upfront (plan 999) or get it for free (plan 2499).

3. UnliSurf Plan – Starting at 1500, then 2000, and 3000, this plan is for all you mobile internet enthusiasts. This plan includes free handsets from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and many more.

4. Freedom Plan – Having a built in PHP 600 limit, this plan makes a good choice for all of you who are on a tight budget. This plan has a lot of text, call, LTE, BB Social, IDD and surf combo choices suit whatever your need is. Additionally, this plan has a 10% discount offer for your next bill if you have previously paid at least PHP 300 and if you fully paid your previous bill.

5. LTE Postpaid Plan – Solely dedicated to give you the best and fastest mobile internet connection, this LTE plan is best for all your speed thirsty individuals. In addition, this plan is paired with a lot of high-end Smartphones to choose from.

6. Smart Family Ties Plan – Designed to suit a family of at least three, this plan is a great deal to stay connected with your loved ones. This plan offers unlimited text and calls to your family members plus other perks such as unlimited text to Smart and 100MB of data. And with a plan 999 or 2999, you get 3 free handsets.

Globe Postpaid Plan

globe postpaid

Although not having the most subscribers, Globe Telecommunications claims to be the number one in post-paid in the country. The company claims to earn more revenue from post-paid than any other network, with more active and continued subscriptions.

1. My Super Plan – Giving you the power to create your perfect plan, the Globe My Super Plan is definitely a plan to go to if you choose this network. This plan allows you to choose your monthly plan starting 299 up to 3799. It also lets you choose a gadget to go with your plan and lets you choose from different text, call, IDD, LTE, mobile surfing, and landline call combos. Additionally, the Globe My Super Plandoubles the peso value of your plan compared to that of the prepaid.

2. Family Plan – Perfect for a family of 3 up to 11, this plan is in line with the My Super Plan where you choose what suits you. It would be like choosing at least 3 My Super Plan and combining it into one awesome post-paid plan.

3. Load Tipid Plan – Being very budget-friendly, the Load Tipid Plan is a great deal for anyone of you. This plan allows you to choose consumables and be able to change them as much as you want. It allows you to set your monthly plan limit. And what’s great about this is that your consumables never expire; the unused load is carried over the subsequent month.

4. Platinum Plan – This personalized platinum plan offers you the best post-paid service from Globe. But it’s not cheap. This plan starts at 3,799 up to 10,000. It offers unlimited LTE surfing and for plan 5000 or higher – unlimited calls & texts to all networks. In addition, this plan offers exclusive shopping, dining, and leisure perks and is backed with priority service from Globe.

Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan

sun postpaid

Although not leading into subscribers and not number one in post-paid, Sun Cellular has the cheapest unlimited text and call plans among the two other post-paid providers in the country. Additionally, the network is reportedly more popular in the Visayas region than any other networks.

1. Regular Plan – Starting at 299 a month, this plan gives you the freedom to choose different combinations of texts, calls, and consumables. Plus, you also have the choice to get a free phone that comes with your chosen plan.

2. Fixed Load Plan – Created for the wise spenders, this plan gives you the power to set your limit. The plan allows you to choose unlimited combos or consumables equivalent to your plan. It starts at 250, 350, and 600.

3. Sim Only Plan – Probably the cheapest ever plan you can get from any network, the Sim Only plan is perfect for all of you who want short or no holding period. This plan starts at only 99 and up to 600.

4. Group Plan – Similar to the Family plans of the two other networks, the Sun Cellular Group Plan is a plan that gives you 3 phones starting at only 699 up to 999. And like the Sun Fixed Load Plan, it allows you to choose from unlimited combos or consumables.

5. Premium Plan – Letting you choose from the selection of latest Smartphones, the premium plans from Sun Cellular is another great deal. It starts at 1,399 up to 1,799. Each premium plan comes with unlimited mobile internet plus text and call add-ons.

6. Elite Plan – With unlimited internet, unlimited calls & texts plus unlimited local landline calls, the elite plan is one hell of a deal. It starts at 1,500 and up to 3,500. All of which have add-ons such as free sms, free IDD call, and load consumables.

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