More Bill Deductions From Manila Water This June!

More Bill Deductions From Manila Water This June!

The Manila Water Company has been fined ₱1 billion pesos by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) for the recent water crisis and was ordered to allocate ₱534 million of the amount to cover the bills of their customers.

According to the MWSS, the ₱534-million sanction on Manila Water was for not meeting service requirements. MWSS administrator Reynaldo Velasco also clarified that the ₱534 million is on top of the ₱500 million that will be returned to consumers, as promised by Manila Water itself. This will be done through their one-time bill waiver scheme implemented in April.

Velasco also said in an interview that their regulatory office and Manila Water will be discussing the mechanism and the deduction will probably take effect in June.  He also added that the ₱600 million of the P1 billion will serve as a fund for the development of a new water source.


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