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Best BPI Credit Cards Of 2023

A credit card is a super convenient tool when you are making big purchases, paying for utility bills, booking a hotel room, etc.

It also comes in handy in the event of an emergency and you need to fork out some cash that you can pay for when sahod comes. 

If you’re in the market for a credit card, choose something that sets itself apart from the competition by incentivizing your transactions. BPI’s current offerings are definitely worth checking out in that regard.

Perks abound for BPI cardholders

Each card has a unique selling point. Before we go over that, let’s go through some of the universal key features that make all these cards shine:

  • Friendly annual fees. It may vary depending on which card you’re going for, but suffice to say it’s a very small price to pay for the value you get out of using it on a regular basis. For starters, check out BPI Blue and Gold Mastercard.
  • Earn by spending. You can earn up to 4% rebate, especially with the BPI Amore and Amore Platinum. This is equivalent to 1 point for every 20 pesos spent for your purchases and other transactions such as dining and travel tickets. This makes a BPI card an exciting intermediary for however much you can afford paying with cash to stack up on points just by paying for daily expenses. On that note, you can set up autopayments in order to pay your balance in full every month using your savings or debit account.
  • Multiple installment options.  There’s no need to be overwhelmed by the big purchases you need to make. BPI has various installment options available to defer payments into manageable chunks. Enjoy zero percent interest for 6-month installment plans or super low interest rates for a 36-month payment plan. The rates will vary on the nature of your purchase or transaction, but rest assured you’ll get a deal that is hard to beat.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app. BPI customers have always loved waltzing through the mobile app with its friendly UI. It takes no more than a few taps to send money even across different banks, pay bills, top up prepaid accounts and e-wallets, and so on. Topping up your GCash through BPI does not incur transfer charges! The security features are also worth mentioning such as the OTP settings, fingerprint login, and Face ID in order to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Exclusive Membership. The Ayala Group makes the finest malls in the Philippines and they own BPI. So if you put two and two together, there’s a lot of incentive that comes with being a BPI cardholder when frequenting your favorite Ayala malls. Free parking, discounts at the movie theaters, premium customer lounge access, best deals to Ayala Hotels and Resorts, etc.

Different strokes for different folks

Notice how your shopping behavior changes based on your needs? Sometimes your spending activities may be affected by what day of the week it is.

BPI has a credit card for everyone, even for those dictated by their own moods. The salary requirement starts for as low as ₱15,000 with an approval period of 5-7 banking days.

Choose the BPI credit card that best suits your needs right here:

BPI Edge Mastercard◉ Earn 1 Real Thrills Rewards Point for every ₱50 spent.
◉ Enjoy discounts and rewards at the hippest shops, restaurants and coolest clubs.
BPI Blue Mastercard◉ One (1) Real Thrills Rewards Point for every ₱35.00 charged to your card
◉ Buy groceries using your credit card and receive one (1) Real Thrills Rewards Point for every ₱35.00 spent
BPI Gold Mastercard◉ Real Thrills Rewards Points: ₱35.00 = 1 point
◉ On dining, groceries and shopping
Petron-BPI Mastercard◉ Top up your vehicle at Petron to earn a 3% rebate
◉ New cards receive vouchers for free fuel
BPI Amore Cashback Mastercard◉ Earn up to ₱15K cashback every year:
1% cashback on Drug Store & Utilities
3% cashback on other local spend
4% cashback on Supermarkets
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Mastercard◉ Up to ₱15K cashback every year, easy to reach with 4% cashback on restaurants and food deliveries.
◉ Six (6) complimentary parking tickets at select Ayala Malls as a welcome gift.
BPI Visa Signature Card◉ FREE: Airport lounge access at NAIA 3, travel insurance up to ₱20M, and membership to Ayala Rewards Circle.
◉ Enjoy 50% discounts on signature deals.
BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard◉ Earn 1 Real Thrill Rewards Premium Point for every ₱30 local spend or ₱20 spend on any overseas transaction.
◉ Enroll your plane tickets on a 6-month installment plan and enjoy up to 4 free passes for premium airport lounge access.

Getting your hands on a BPI credit card

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the super simple steps to acquiring your very own BPI credit card.

1. Head over to and review your options.

2. Hit ‘Apply Now’ on the credit card of your choice and a quick fill-out form should pop up:

apply for bpi card

3. After submitting all your details through the form, you will be taken to the next steps in your credit card application journey starting with this:

4. You’ll be asked to select two credit cards, so pick another card that suits your fancy on top of the card you originally wanted. Then, hit ‘Start Application’.

5. You’ll be offered a free eCredit Mastercard, which is essentially an online version of your credit card that has unique card details. This means you no longer have to enter your physical credit card info for any online transaction. So definitely tick yes and hit ‘Continue’.

6. Follow through by entering your personal information. Make sure to provide all the correct information as this will be essential in getting your application processed for approval.

7. After dotting the I’s and crossing all the T’s, you’ll be asked to provide proof of ID and income. Make sure to upload clear copies of both.

8. A summary of your application information should be provided at the end of the application journey. After that, you’re all set and it’s just a matter of waiting for 5-7 business days for a communication from BPI to confirm the status of your application.

There’s BPI credit card for everyone

With a BPI card, you can finally make transactions more convenient while earning cashback and travel miles faster than other cards in the market. The luxury it affords you through exclusive airport and mall lounge access is also worth underscoring.

Among other great features that make owning a credit card a meaningful one – an upgrade to your finances per se.

Need help to find the right card for you? Check out our Credit Card SmartSearch to get started!





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