BPI Mobile And Online Services Down Again

BPI Mobile And Online Services Down Again

After a three-day system upgrade  (April 5 to 7) that disabled customers from accessing both Electronic and ATM transactions,  the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)has again disrupted their service.

The online and mobile banking services of BPI became temporarily unavailable due to a recent system upgrade.

Another round of service interruption has been experienced by the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) customers as the bank undergo another set of system upgrade. Services affected are online and mobile banking, which will be inaccessible for their customer throughout the period.

In an advisory posted on their Facebook page late Wednesday, BPI has announced that some of their financial transactions through online and mobile banking will be interrupted:

Their advisory, however, did not specify when services will return to normal. In a more recent update on their Facebook page, their online and mobile banking platform still seem to be inaccessible.

Despite this service interruption, BPI customers can still do their transactions through automated teller machines (ATM) or over the counter, and their deposit machines can still accept cash.



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