BSP Launched ₱5,000 Commemorative Banknote

BSP Launched ₱5,000 Commemorative Banknote

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) launched the first-ever ₱5,000 Lapulapu commemorative banknote and medal on Monday. This move was part of the 99-day countdown to the 500th anniversary of the victory at Mactan.

The launch of the banknote was done in  Fort San Antonio BSP Complex Manila during the celebration of Lapulapu’s victory and the special role of the Philippines in the world’s circumnavigation referred to as the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines (QCP).

BSP Officer-in-Charge Francisco Dakila Jr. said during the launch:

Now more than ever with the global crisis brought about by the pandemic we need a stark reminder of our glorious past. Now more than ever we need our heroes to remind us of our heritage and to inspire to overcome whatever challenge comes our way as a nation.

President Rodrigo Duterte also said in a video message during the live-streamed launch that he was “delighted” to see Lapulapu and the warriors of Mactan being featured in the commemorative items. He added that if we are to truly celebrate our rich history as a nation, we need to elevate Lapulapu to a greater standing among the pantheon of Filipino heroes. 

The banknote showcases (obverse side) a young Lapulapu, an image of the battle of Mactan, the QCP logo, and the Karoaka or the large outrigger warships used by native Filipinos. Another image featured on the same side is a coconut tree which was the food the people of Samar provided to Ferdinand Magellan and his crew; and Mount Apo where the circumnavigators finally found directional clues to their intended destination of Maluku or the Spice Island.


The other side of the banknote shows the Philippine eagle or the Manaol which the central bank says symbolizes clear vision, freedom, and strength; and embodies the ancient Visayan belief that all living creatures originated from an eagle.

Together with the launch of the ₱5,000 banknote was a medal that depicted Lapulapu, BSP and QCP logo on the obverse side and the battle of Mactan on the other side.



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