The Department of Health (DOH) Is Eyeing The Exemption Of Cancer Meds VAT

The Department of Health (DOH) Is Eyeing The Exemption Of Cancer Meds VAT

Efforts to make cancer medications VAT-Free was recently announced by DOH Undersecretary after advocacy groups clamored for such move. The recent implementation of VAT-free medicines for diabetes, hypertension and high-cholesterol medication under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act (TRAIN) incited the call from advocacy groups.

In a press briefing, Domingo noted that they are discussing with an interagency working group to include cancer medicines in TRAIN Law’s planned VAT exemptions on medicines, as they are a strong clamor for such measure.

“We have very strong patient groups and mga NGOs working with us. Tinitingnan namin kung paano natin masama ang cancer diseases (We are looking at how we could include [medicine] for cancer diseases).”

The Department of Finance recently announced that over 100 kinds of medicine for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are now exempt from the 12-percent VAT due to the TRAIN Law.

Commonly prescribed drugs such as Metformin for diabetes, Amlodipine for hypertension and Simvastatin for high cholesterol are on the list and are now cheaper with the VAT-exemption as provided under the TRAIN Law, the DOF said.



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