Put Money Back In Your Wallet With Cashback Credit Cards

There’s more to using your credit cards than earning rewards points. There’s a whole subclass of credit cards, called “cashback credit cards”, that let you earn cash back on all your purchases. The more you use your card, the more money you’ll save. It’s like getting a discount on everything you buy.

Ready to learn more about cashback credit cards in the Philippines? Read on to find out how a cashback credit card can put some money back in your wallet:

What Are Cashback Credit Cards?

Cashback credit cards offer a percentage rate off purchases, given back to you in the form of statement credits or cash rewards you can claim. Cards usually have different categories that earn more than others — for example, all purchases may get 0.2% cashback, but dining purchases may earn 3% cash back. Check with the card you want for more details.

If you don’t need miles or exotic rewards, earning cashback from your credit card is a way for you to get more straightforward, easily redeemable rewards.

Instead of earning points, all your purchases will earn a certain percentage of cash back. So let’s say you purchased a P5,000 pair of shoes at the mall, and your card gives you 3% back on all department store purchases. You’ll earn P150 back, either applied as a payment to your final credit card bill, or as a cash reward you can redeem later.

Sound good? Here are some cashback credit cards in the Philippines you can apply for right now:

Citi Cash Back Card

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Having this cashback card is like having everything at the supermarket on sale, all year round. You can get up to 6% cashback on all your supermarket purchases, which could mean big savings on your grocery bills. And for those of you who dread seeing your power bills, the 2% cashback on your Meralco bill will be a welcome discount.

You can enjoy these cashback rewards every month as long as you spend at least P10,000 on other categories. And on all these purchases, you get a 0.2% cashback. So whatever you spend on, you’ll enjoy some savings.


  • 6% cashback on supermarket purchases when you spend at least P10,000 on non-supermarket or non-Meralco categories every month
  • 2% cashback on your Meralco bill when you spend at least P10,000 on non-supermarket or non-Meralco categories every month
  • 0.2% cashback on all other purchases charged to your card
  • P2,800 annual fee waived when you spend at least P15,000 a month (P180,000 a year)
  • Enjoy savings of up to P14,800 a year (P12,000 maximum cashback per year + P2,800 waived annual fee)

Who is it for?

Practical, discerning consumers who are looking to save on everyday expenses

Apply for Citibank Cashback credit card now!

Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards

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Make your spending pay you back with the Standard Chartered Cash Rewards credit card. This card gives you some of the highest rebates in the most places, all year round — 3% cash rewards on all your dining and department store purchases, anywhere in the world, and 0.3% on everything else.

And not only will you get these rebates, you’ll also enjoy exclusive Visa Platinum privileges, like huge discounts on car rentals and VIP treatment at airport lounges around the world.


  • 3% cash rewards  on all dining expenses
  • 3% cash rewards on all department store purchases
  • 0.3% cash rewards on all other retail transactions
  • P2,750 annual fee waived for the first year
  • Enjoy Visa Platinum privileges like exclusive dining and travel deals

Who is it for?

Jetsetters who want exclusive privileges along with cashback rewards

Apply for Standard Chartered Cash Rewards credit card now!

RCBC Cash Rebate program

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Do you already have an RCBC credit card? If you’re not enrolled to their cash rebate program, you’re missing out on cashback rewards. It’s not nearly as much as the two cards above, but its 0.69% cashback on non-service merchants is actually better than the others in that category, even if it doesn’t give big cashback rewards in any other categories.

Another advantage of this program is that it applies to all cards except their co-branded ones, so you can choose the card that fits your lifestyle, and then add cash rebates to its features.

So if you’d prefer earning cashback to rewards points or air miles, enroll your RCBC card to the cash rebate program. Apply for an RCBC credit card today.


  • 0.20% cashback from all service merchants (supermarket, gas, drugstore)
  • 0.69% cashback from non-service merchants (except Utilities & Bills Payment Merchants)
  • no required minimum spending in any categories
  • no limits to how much cashback you can earn
  • available for all RCBC credit cards (except for co-branded cards)

Who is it for?

Practical credit card users who want cash rebates without worrying about limits

Compare and apply for RCBC credit cards!

Which Cashback Credit Card Is The Best?

The answer is — it depends on you:

To get the most out of your cashback credit card, make sure to pay your bill in full at the end of the month. Interest rates caused by rollover balances will cancel out whatever cashback advantages you earn.

Using a cashback card will help you spend less on your bills and purchases, and those savings can add up — the P14,800 a year you can save with the Citi Cash Back Card, for example, could be used to start a UITF investment, or you could apply the savings to your child’s college tuition fund. It’s up to you.

When you save on your expenses with cashback credit cards, you can have more money for things that matter to you.

Find the cashback credit card that’s right for your lifestyle.

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