Coverage of Travel Insurance in the Philippines

insuranceFor traveling abroad or within the Philippines, travel insurance could serve as a reliable solution to possible travel-related problems. There are various types of available travel insurance with different amounts of premiums and scope of coverage. In general, travel insurance covers the following:

Medical and accident expenses

Even if we’re taking all the precautions, we might be involved in personal accidents or experience major medical conditions during our travels. Travel insurance usually provides the medical coverage for medical and accident related expenses that may be incurred during travels. You would never have to worry about incurring medical and health-related costs while touring outside of the Philippines.

Flight delay or cancellation

There are events that may are beyond your control. A sudden flight delay or cancellation might alter your travel plans. You may be forced to incur unplanned expenses for accommodation, replacement flights and other arrangements. Many travel insurance policies compensate for these inconveniences and pay for their related costs. This of course depends on the terms of individual policies.

Theft or loss of valuables

You could become the unfortunate victim of theft or lose your valuables when traveling. Your luggage and many other personal belongings may be lost, many times through no fault of your own. Travel insurance compensates you for such losses to spare you from the tedious and sometimes fruitless attempt of tracking and recovering lost belongings.

Possible repatriation

What happens if a traveler dies during the trip? With the repatriation coverage of travel insurance policy, the beneficiaries and families of travelers would be spared of all the possible rudiments of repatriating the deceased traveler.

Travel insurance policies not only provides emergency financial assistance in the event of unexpected occurences and accidents during travels, but also gives you the peace of mind while travelling.

Be sure to shop around to find the best travel insurance available in the Philippines before proceeding with a purchase. The scope of coverage may differ from one policy to another. You should choose the product that provides you the best coverage and financial assistance according to your purpose and length of stay.

In case you don’t have a travel insurance yet, compare your option and apply for one.

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