6 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Fit Your Budget

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones for Christmas is hard. Things are either too expensive, too useless, or too generic. Does anybody really need yet another fruitcake that they’re not going to eat? And do you really want to fight people at the packed malls for presents?

Thankfully, there are thoughtful ways you can show your appreciation for the ones you love that are also kind to your bank account. These DIY Christmas gift ideas are simple, inexpensive, creative, and add a personal touch that make your presents extra special. Here are some picks that will leave your recipients impressed with your gift-giving skills:

    1. Holiday recipes, in a jar.

      (Photo via Culinary)

      Sweeten up everyone’s Christmas by giving them everything they need to make cookies, in a nice glass jar. Take this Candy-Coated Chocolates Cookie Mix in a Jar recipe as an example. Simply fill a clean glass jar with brown sugar, white sugar, some mini M&Ms, flour, baking soda, and salt. (You probably already have these ingredients lying around in your house, so it shouldn’t break the bank.) Write out the recipe on some holiday-themed cards, tie it around the jar with a ribbon, and there you have it: a sweet Christmas gift. Your friends don’t like cookies? No problem: you can make almost any kind of mix to store in a glass jar, from hot chocolate to bread mixes to even body scrubs.

    2. Leather cord rolls.
      (Photo via Brit + Co)

      (Photo via Brit + Co)

      Everyone’s got a mess of cords tangled up in their bags. Solve this problem for your friends with this clever cord roll, which can keep cords in line. As long as you have some leather (fake leather is totally fine), buttons you can pick up from the neighborhood tailor, and a cutter, you can make this gift for the techies in your life. They’ll never have to untangle cords again.

    3. Secret book safes.
      (Photo via Homedit)

      (Photo via Homedit)

      Know someone who loves books and secret compartments? Well, we have the perfect DIY gift for them — a secret book safe they can stash their valuables in, or just use as a cool carrying case. All you need is an old hardbound book (make sure to do this with a book you don’t value that much. Maybe that copy of an old Reader’s Digest Condensed nobody’s read for years and is just lying around the house, or an outdated manual you can get for like P30 at a book sale.), box cutters, a brush, and some glue. Check out the instructions from the blog Art of Manliness, and be careful around sharp objects.

    4. Book purse. If secret compartments aren’t your recipient’s thing, maybe a purse will do the trick. With a hardbound book, some fabric, and a bit of glue, you can turn that unused children’s textbook from the 60’s (or whatever hardbound books you can find and won’t read) into a functioning purse perfect for the bookworms in your life. Watch this tutorial to make your own:
    5. Get creative with photos.
      (Photo from Say Yes)

      (Photo via Say Yes)

      Given that everyone puts up about a hundred photos on Instagram a day, why not collect their best photos from the last year, print them out on some card stock, and make creative instacards out of them? Fill a box with cards of their best Instagram snaps from the last year. This way, the recipient gets to relive fun memories when they open your gift. Feel free to skip all their food photos, though.

    6. Personalized mugs.
      (Photo via Handmade Charlotte)

      (Photo via Handmade Charlotte)

      Unleash your creativity and give your friends and family custom-designed mugs. All you’ll need is a bunch of markers and some clean white mugs you can buy for P20 at the supermarket. Draw your chosen designs (for a fun family activity, get your kids to draw too), preferably something fun, pop the mugs in the oven at 175°C (350°F) for 30 minutes, then turn off the oven and let them cool.

If you’ve got any other thoughtful DIY gift ideas, share them with us in the comments!

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