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Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Launched Suking Outlet

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched their “Tulong sa Bayan Suking Outlet” program where consumers can buy meat and rice products at an affordable price.

The DTI Suking Outlet will be operating three times a week in chosen locations in Metro Manila. This program is aimed at countering rising prices of daily commodities due to the typhoon. The products sold in DTI Suking Outlets are vegetable and meat products from Bukidnon which are brought to Manila.

DTI Suking Outlet is selling the following commodities at a considerably low price compared to the local market.


  • Calamansi – ₱10 per pack
  • Camote – ₱55/kg
  • Carrots – ₱200/kg
  • Corn – ₱55/kg
  • Cucumber – ₱55/kg
  • Eggplant – ₱60/kg
  • Whole garlic – ₱10/pack
  • Peeled garlic – ₱60/kg
  • Ginger – ₱90/kg
  • Yellow ginger – ₱55/kg
  • Kangkong – ₱10 per pack
  • Okra – ₱5 per pack
  • Red onion – ₱10 per pack
  • White onion– ₱10 per pack


  • Chicken – PHP120/kg
  • Choice cuts (chicken) – PHP130
  • Pork – PHP210 to PHP220/kg depending on the parts

Rice prices, on the other hand, is₱27 per kilo for NFA from NFA on Wheels. In an interview, the Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol said that in case of shortage, the NFA might import rice.

DTI Suking Outlet is open today until 7:00 PM at SB Park in designated barangays.


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