20% Discount For Students On All Public Transport.

20% Discount For Students On All Public Transport.

A new bill was recently signed into law grants 20 percent discount on all public utility vehicles to students! All they need is to show their school ID and they will be immediately eligible. 

Under the “Student Fare Discount Act” or R.A. 11314, students shall be entitled to a grant of 20% discount on domestic regular fares, upon personal presentation of their duly-issued school identification cards (IDs) or current validated enrollment form, supported by the prescribed government-issued identification document, subject to an appropriate verification mechanism to be provided in the implementing rules and regulations was made to encourage students, particularly the poor and underprivileged to pursue quality education to secure their future and make them responsible, citizens. 

This new bill, however, limits the discount privilege to students in elementary, secondary, technical-vocational, or higher education institutions. It does not apply to students in postgraduate degree courses and informal short-term courses such as dancing, swimming, music, and driving lessons, and seminar type of courses.

The discount privilege will cover all public transportation utilities including public utility buses, public utility jeepneys, taxis, and other similar vehicles-for-hire tricycles, passenger trains, aircraft, and marine vessels. However, it does not apply to school service, tourist service, and any similar service covered by contract or charter agreement and with a valid franchise or permit from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

The privilege will be in effect during the period they are enrolled as students in a formal education institution, and will be valid even on weekend and holidays.  Public transport vehicle who refuse to grant the said discount will be penalized with fines ranging from PHP1,000 to PHP5,000; the drivers may also face suspension of their driver’s license and even cancelation of their certificate of public convenience.


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