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Duterte Passes EO For Disability Pension And Employee Compensation Increase

Under the Executive Order(EO) signed last May 8, the President approved a ₱1,150 across-the-board increase in Employees Compensation (EC) monthly disability pension of all permanent disability pensioners and qualified beneficiaries in the private sector.  The amount of carer’s allowance granted to EC permanent disability pensioners in both the public and private sectors has also been increased to ₱1,000 from ₱575 per month.

Also approved were increases in the reimbursement rates of professional fees of physicians and physical therapy sessions, as well as temporary total disability benefits for the private sector.  The EO raised the reimbursement for professional fees of physicians under the EC medical benefits for employees in the private sector.

For daily ward visits, the reimbursement rate is ₱400 per day for general practitioner and P600 for specialist. The maximum per confinement is ₱1,600 for general practitioner and ₱2,400 for specialist.

For intensive care unit/coronary care unit, the reimbursement rate is P800 per day and ₱3,200 maximum per confinement for general practitioner. The specialist’s rates are P1,200 per day and ₱4,800 maximum per confinement at the ICU/CCU ward.  The reimbursement rate for outpatient consultation is ₱400 for general practitioner and ₱600 for specialist.

EO 54 also increased the reimbursement amount for physical therapy sessions under the EC medical benefits for employees in the private sector from ₱65 per session to a maximum of ₱500 per session.

“There is a need to continually improve benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) to make them more responsive to the welfare and development needs of occupationally disabled workers,” the order read.

“The results of the actuarial studies of the SSS (Social Security System) and GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) show that the SIF (State Insurance Fund) can finance the increases without affecting the stability of the SIF and without requiring additional contributions,” it added.

EO 54 has directed the SSS to continue to implement ₱2,000 minimum EC Monthly Disability and Survivorship pension in the private sector.

The agency must also continue to grant the entitlement of primary beneficiaries of deceased permanent total disability pensioners in the private sector from 80 percent to 100 percent of the member’s monthly pension.


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