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Top Jetsetter Fashion Finds Without Spending A Dime

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Whether you’re a pro jetsetter or going on your annual family excursion, a holiday getaway will not be complete without your Instagram-worthy OOTDs. Depending on where your next escapade will take place, dressing the part will entail some planning and budgeting.

No matter what’s your fashion sense, finding outfits that can match your vacay vibe can be a feat! However, it gets easier if you match it with your holiday destination: Are you going to be a trend-obsessed city explorer? A laid-back beach junkie? A snow loving voyager? Or just an adrenaline thirsty adventurer?  

Nothing says ‘vacation’ like dressing the part with some new fashion finds to add to your jetsetter collection but looking for budget-friendly additions to your wardrobe can be challenging. Here are a few practical yet insanely stylish outfit formulas that you can easily find in UNIQLO!

Beach R&R

If you’re up for a getaway under the sun, it’s the perfect time to pick clothes that are lightweight and easy. You don’t really need to limit your options to just bikinis and swimming trunks. There are more ways than one to glam up for that much-needed summer getaway! Here’s how:

For men

A piece of clothing that’s synonymous to summer for men are shorts. It’s a default outfit that needs no explanation. When it comes to the top, there is more room for creativity and fun without breaking your budget.

The summer season isn’t complete without a solid or colorfully patterned polo shirt. But you’ll need to make sure your polo isn’t baggy or loose, just enough for you to pair it with a plain colored shirt on the inside. As for the bottoms, a pair of fitted, flat-front shorts is a modern-day summer essential for men. You may think that shorts for guys are just knee-length by default, but there are different fittings to shorts nowadays. Additionally, a pair of beach shorts is every man’s best friend for a good time at the beach!



For women

Apart from a one or two-piece swimwear which is a default must-have if you intend to take a dip, there are other affordable options for beachwear that provide more value for money. Check out these fashionable finds that are budget-friendly additions to any woman’s wardrobe.

Countryside adventure

Traveling to the countryside means getting the chance to unwind and in touch with Mother Nature. Such outdoor excursions require light and comfortable clothing suitable for all terrains, to ensure you are ready for any adventure. You’ll always be ready for some adrenaline pumping action with these outfits.

When it comes to fashion-forward outdoor attire, simplicity is synonymous with comfort. A solid-colored plain short-sleeved shirt will be your best bet to get you through any demanding physical exertions. UNIQLO DRY-EX T-shirts and AIRism clothing line are not just for people who are on-the-go, but also those who need to endure the outdoors. They sport a minimalist design, yet still in style.  As for the pants, outdoor adventure is all about staying active, the most appropriate pants to wear are those that won’t hinder your range of movement. More importantly, they should at least give your legs a good amount of breathing room like these versatile options below.

Big city explorer

Even if you are not going to be strolling the streets of the Big Apple, you can never go wrong rocking a New York style outfit in your next big city adventure (Tokyo, Japan maybe?). Whether you’re souvenir shopping or you simply want to experience the urban sights in a different metropolis, you will never go out of style with these outfits!

Winter Wonderland

The struggle in traveling to a winter destination is dressing up cute or stylish without catching a frostbite. While you can simply pile on the layers to keep you warm during your winter holiday, dressing up for the occasion is part of your vacation experience after all. So, flaunt that Instagram worthy winter OOTDs with these classic and durable must-haves.

Here’s how to cut your wardrobe budget in your next vacation!

Travelling can be pretty expensive, the least that you would want to worry about is incurring extra cost on your vacation.

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