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You Can Get A Loan In Less Than 48 Hours From These Lenders

Today, you no longer need to drive far to apply for a loan. The fintech industry in the Philippines has made it possible for quick financial solutions to be highly accessible with just a click of a finger, and Filipinos can apply for one today!

Fast cash loans are now more common in the Philippines than you think. What’s good about it is that you don’t need to go through the conventional process of the loan application. Some will only require as simple as your phone number and an ID, while others will need a little bit more information but not as plenty as a regular loan.

What Are Fast Cash Loans?

It’s an unconventional form of personal loan that guarantees a faster turn around time and easier application process.

How Can I Apply For A Fast Cash Loan?

Application for these fast cash loans will vary, most of which can easily be done with a computer or a smartphone. We’ll discuss more of that in this article.

How Fast Can You Receive The Loan?

This type of loan typically has a turnaround time of 2 to 5 business days. Some loans get approved within 24 hours and get disbursed at the same time, others have a 24 to 48 hours approval time and another day or two for the disbursement. Either way, you can take comfort in the fact that this type of loan is guaranteed to provide a quick solution to your immediate cash needs.

Where Can You Get The Cash Loan?

The cash loans from these fast cash loans providers have a different mode of disbursement. The most common and fastest method is through bank transfers, otherwise, most of them allow you to claim your loan through accredited remittance centers.

If you’re looking for some fast cash, these cash loans may have what you need!

Finbro Online Loan

Finbro distinguishes itself by offering quick access to cash loans without requiring collateral or complex approval procedures. Their online platform ensures a straightforward application process, and they are committed to providing a swift turnaround time.

Application requirements:

  • No monthly income requirement.
  • Must submit one valid ID: SSS, UMID, Driver’s License, Philippine Passport, TIN and a clear selfie.
  • Must be a Filipino citizen.
  • 20 – 65 years old.
  • Employed or with a regular source of income.
For your information
*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation

How to apply for Finbro Online Loan

  • Choose your loan term and amount.
  • If you are a new customer, select your desired loan amount, then click “Apply Now.”
  • If you are an existing customer, log in to your Finbro account.
  • Fill out the application form with your personal information.
  • Submit a valid ID and a selfie for verification.
  • Wait for a loan application decision; you will be notified promptly.
  • Keep your communication lines open, as our agents may contact you during working hours.
  • Application processing time can range from 10 minutes to the next working day; you will receive an SMS notification regarding the decision.
  • Once approved, you can claim your loan via bank transfer.
Approval turnaround time Within 24 hours
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 24 to 48 hours from approval
Minimum loan ₱1,000
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱50,000
Interest rateZero percent for first-timers and 6% per month for proceeding loans
TermMax of 12 months
Other feesNo fees for first-timers

Payment options

You can pay through bank account transfer or through our repayment channels below:

  • EC Pay (7-eleven)Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M. Lhuillier
  • SM Payment Center
  • Direct Agent 5 authorized Payment Centers
  • EC Pay authorized Payment Centers
  • Express Pay authorized Payment Centers
  • TrueMoney authorized Payment Centers
  • Quick application process
  • Variety of flexible loan terms
  • Efficient verification methods to help expedite approval period
  • Prompt decision notifications on application status
  • Processing time could take up to a work day
  • Processing fees apply after first loan
  • Relatively high interest rate

Why you should consider applying for a loan with Finbro?

Finbro offers a straightforward lending process with quick decisions, often within minutes. Their user-friendly platform and flexible loan options, along with convenient disbursement methods, provide reliable financial support. Applicants can count on a hassle-free loan experience with Finbro.

LF Lending Multi-Purpose Loan

LF Lending distinguishes itself through a fast and convenient application process via your mobile phone, allowing you to access funds quickly. With loan amounts of up to ₱10,000 and low eligibility criteria, LF Lending makes it easy for individuals with immediate financial needs to secure a loan. Loan disbursement can be as fast as 5 minutes, and the application process is simplified into just 3 steps.

Application requirements for LF Lending Multipurpose Loan:

  • Must be 20 to 60 years old
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must have a verifiable, stable income
  • No minimum length of tenure for employment
  • At least one (1) valid government-issued photo ID

For your information
*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation

What is LF Lending Multi-Purpose Loan’s interest rate?

The interest rate for the LF Lending Multi-Purpose Loan could go as low as 0.5% per day

Are there any other applicable fees and charges?

Other applicable fees and charges are advance rates and post day interest as follows:

  • For new clients: Advance rate – 15% – 25%; Post day interest – 0.5% – 1.3% for a period of 14 – 28 days.
  • For existing clients: Advance rate – 10%; Post day interest – 0.4% – 1.4% for a period of 14 – 28 days.

How to apply for LF Lending Multi-Purpose Loan

  • Click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill out your details in the application form.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • A representative will contact you for a consultation within 24 hours!
Approval turnaround time Within 24 hours
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 24 to 48 hours from approval
Minimum loan ₱20,000
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱100,000
Interest rate4% per month
Term4 months to 1 year.
Other feesOne-time 4% processing fee deducted from the approved loan amount.

What are LF Lending’s disbursement and repayment channels?

All loans are disbursed exclusively online. You can receive your approved loans using the following channels:

  • Coins
  • Gcash
  • PayMaya
  • MLhuillier
  • GrabPay PH
  • RD Pawnshop
  • OmniPay
  • Banks – Unionbank, Malayan Bank, AUB, BDO, BPI, Maybank, Metrobank, PNB, Security Bank, China Bank, Chinatrust, EastWest Bank, EqB, PSBANK, Robinsons Bank, UCPB, RCBC, Land Bank.


  • Fast and convenient application process through your mobile phone.
  • Loan amount of up to ₱100,000
  • Low eligibility criteria
  • Loan disbursement in as fast as 5 minutes!
  • Simple, real-time application process in just 3 steps


  • Relatively short repayment terms
  • Additional fees apply which can impact the overall cost
  • Processing time, while fast, may still take up to a workday for some applicants, potentially causing delays for those with urgent needs
  • The interest rate, although competitive, can be relatively high compared to traditional loans

Why should you consider applying for a loan with LF Lending?

Convenient and easy application process coupled with fast cash out, LF Lending Multi-Purpose Loan comes as a solid option for individuals with an immediate need for funds. It’s a hassle-free way to borrow funds and receive them promptly through nationwide disbursement channels. LF Lending offers a safe and reliable, fast loan option that addresses your urgent financial needs.


MoneyCat, a trusted name in the Philippines, stands out as your go-to platform for addressing immediate financial concerns. What sets MoneyCat apart is not just the accessibility of loans but also the favorable terms, making it an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss in your time of need. Discover how MoneyCat can transform your financial outlook.

Application requirements

  • 2 Valid government IDs
  • Proof of Billing
  • Certificate of Employment (2 months validity)
  • Last 2 months payslips
  • ID of co-maker
  • 3 months bank statements (optional – may improve chances of approval)

How to apply for a MoneyCat loan

  • Visit the MoneyCat Philippines website or use the user-friendly MoneyCat app, available on Google Play.
  • Use the online loan calculator to select your preferred loan amount and term.
  • Fill out the application form, providing your personal information and bank card details.
  • Complete a quick, one-minute verification process.
  • Finalize the online application within approximately 5 minutes and confirm it using the OTP code sent via SMS.
  • Await a swift response.
  • If your application gets the green light, proceed to electronically sign the credit agreement.
  • Watch as the loan funds are seamlessly transferred directly to your card.
Approval turnaround time Within 24 hours
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 5 minutes
Minimum loan ₱500
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱20,000
Interest rateZero for first-timers and up to 11.9% p.a. for proceeding loans
TermMax of 6 months
Other feesZero for first-timers

Repayment options

MoneyCat ensures your repayment convenience through multiple channels:

  • Coins
  • Gcash
  • PayMaya
  • MLhuillier
  • GrabPay PH
  • RD Pawnshop
  • OmniPay
  • Banks – Unionbank, Malayan Bank, AUB, BDO, BPI, Maybank, Metrobank, PNB, Security Bank, China Bank, Chinatrust, EastWest Bank, EqB, PSBANK, Robinsons Bank, UCPB, RCBC, Land Bank.


  • Lightning-fast access to MoneyCat Online Loans without the hassle of income certificates, guarantors, or collateral descriptions.
  • Bid farewell to tedious office visits and never-ending queues.
  • MoneyCat loans are available 24/7, even on nights, weekends, and holidays, thanks to the wonders of automation.
  • Exceptionally high approval rates, extending a financial lifeline to those with less-than-perfect credit histories.
  • The flexibility to extend your loan term should repaying it on the due date pose a challenge.


  • Loan amounts may not suffice for substantial financial requirements
  • Interest rates could be comparatively higher

Why Should You Consider MoneyCat?

For Filipinos facing financial uncertainties, MoneyCat offers a swift and hassle-free path to secure short-term loans. Armed with just a smartphone or computer and an internet connection, you can embark on this journey. MoneyCat has earned its stripes as a trusted provider of short-term loans in the Philippines, boasting flexible lending terms and even offering a zero percent APR for first-time borrowers. Expect your loan application to receive a swift and consistent green light, often within minutes.

Tala Philippines

Tala is a global microfinance company that delivers its financial services solely through their app. Other than the Philippines, they also operate in Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, and India, with over a million customers in their platform to date. 

You can conveniently apply for their loan on the go through their app, but their maximum loan amount may not be sufficient for people with big-ticket needs.

Tala Philippines

Tala Philippines

You convenient quick cash loan!

Borrow as much as ₱10,000, instantly

Application requirements for Tala Philippines loan

  • Payslip
  • Proof of address such as utility bills
  • Valid ID
For your information
They have no minimum income requirement and aren’t particular with your employment status. Simply download the app and upload a valid ID and you’re good to go.

How to apply for Tala Philippines loan

  • Download their app from App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app and register
  • Upload a valid ID. 
  • Wait for a call from Tala on the same day.
  • The loan will be approved on the same day.
  • Choose the cash-out option for your funds. 
Approval turnaround time Within 24 hours from the time of application
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 24 hours from the time of approval
Minimum loan ₱1,000
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱10,000
Interest rate15%-15.7%
Term1 month or 30 days
Other feesA service fee of 11% (21 days loan tenure) or 15% (30 days loan tenure)

Payment option:

Tala can collect payments through their DragonPay payment partners, which can be accessed in the following establishments:

  • 7-Eleven (Using Dragonloans)
  • Bayad Center
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • Mlhullier
  • app
  • Quick approval and minimal requirement.
  • No minimum income requirement.
  • You can choose cash-out outlets to claim your money.
  • No bank account needed.
  • Too many fees 
  • Very short payment term

Why you should consider applying for a loan with Tala?

Quick cash comes with a hefty price – to be fair it’s the same rule for all fast cash loans. It may not be ideal for people who can’t cope with bulk payment or who are just financially incapable of doing so. It’s a quick cash solution with a quick repayment scheme. 

Atome Credit Cash Loan

Atome Credit offers a secure and transparent cash loan service that can easily be accessed through their mobile app. Atome is a brand of Neuroncredit Financing Company, Inc., a reputable Financial Technology company and subsidiary of Neuroncredit Pte Ltd (Singapore), which has been operating in the microfinancing industry since 2015.  To gain an edge from their competitors, they utilize Artificial Intelligence in providing faster and better services for their customers.

Atome Credit Cash Loan

Atome Credit Cash Loan

Get cash straight to your GCash or bank account!

Fast, same-day approval.

Application requirements for Atome Credit Cash Loan

For starters, their basic requirements for the borrower are as follows:

  • The applicant must be between 18-55 years old.
  • Must have a valid government ID like license, UMID, passport, etc.
  • Must have at least a GCash account if not a bank account. 

However, additional requirements may be required after credit evaluation. This can vary from one person to another depending on their financial capacity. 

Documentary requirement

  • Payslip
  • Proof of address such as utility bills
  • Valid ID

How to apply for Atome Credit Cash Loan

  1. Download their app then open it. 
  2. Sign up, fill out the application form in the app including your loan details with your bank account. 
  3. Wait for 24 hours for your loan to get approved. You can check through the app. 
  4. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation message in the app and at the same time the loan will be transferred to your bank account. 
  5. Expect the funds in your account within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your bank. 
  6. Tap the repayment tab in the app to process loan payment at multiple  partner merchants.
Approval turnaround time 3-5 working days application
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 24 to 48 hours from approval
Minimum loan ₱20,000
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱1,000,000 (with collateral)

₱150,000 (without collateral)
Interest rate3.5% to 4% per month
Term3 months to 1 year.
Other feesOne-time 6% processing fee deducted from the approved loan amount.
₱200 notarial fee

Immediate disbursement of funds (24 to 38 hours).

Convenient if you own a GCash account.

  • Only available in Google Play (sorry iPhone users.)
  • Low loan amount.
  • Not convenient for non-GCash users.
  • Rates can be quite steep for longer terms and if not paid on time.

Why you should consider applying for a loan with Atome Credit?

Atome Credit Cash has two types of loan offerings – a payday loan that you can get repayment terms for up to 3 months and a quick credit which is payable up to 7 days. Their 3-month term loan is a provision for people who wants better payment flexibility. However, it is essentially a short term loan with a very limited loan approval amount.

Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) Personal Loan

RFC is one of the longest-running private finance/lending company in the Philippines. The company was established in 1964 and they pioneered (non-bank) offering car and appliance loans to Filipinos. Through the years, they have diversified their financial services granting an array of personal loan options to their customers.

RFC Personal Loan

RFC Personal Loan

Borrow up to ₱50,000

High loanable amount.

For fast cash needs, you can apply for RFC’s Personal Loan option.

Application requirements for RFC Personal Loan

RFC Personal Loan has a more stringent screening process, but they grant higher loan amount at a reasonable rate. You must tick these items to be qualified for their fast cash loan or the personal loan.


  • Filipino citizen not younger than eighteen (18) years of age
  • Residency of at least two (2) years, except if you are a new homeowner
  • Good character and reputation
  • A source of income. If employed, you should have been connected with your current employer for at least two (2) years with a minimum basic monthly salary of Php 18,000.

Documentary requirements

  • 2 valid government ID’s (if employed, pls include company ID)
  • Proof of Billingbilling
  • Proof of iIncome (3-month payslip)
  • Residential, Businessbusiness, or Employment employment Address address Mapmap
  • Certificate of Employmentemployment
  • Business Barangaybarangay/ Businessbusiness/ DTI Permit permit (for business owners)
Additional Requirements For PDC Collection Payments

The latest deposit slip (on the checking account) that is not more than one week old.

How to apply for RFC Personal Loan

  1. Go to RFC’s website and hover over the “Products” tab found on the upper left-hand side of their website. If you’re on mobile, click on the drawer button at the upper right-hand side of the screen, it will present you the header options including the “Products” tab. Under the products tab, click on “Multipurpose loan”.
  2. There are eight types of multipurpose loans you can apply for. Choose which “Personal Loan” and click “Get It Now.”
  3. The next page is where you fill up all your basic personal information. Click “Next” once done. 
  4. The last page is where you will need to fill in information about your source of income. You will also be required to upload your documents on this page. Click “Submit” once you’re done. 
  5. You will receive a call within 24 to 48 hours from the time of application and you may claim your funds from the branch near you. 
Approval turnaround time 3-5 working days application
Disbursement turnaround timeWithin 24 to 48 hours from approval
Minimum loan ₱20,000
Maximum loan (initial loan)₱1,000,000 (with collateral)

₱150,000 (without collateral)
Interest rate3.5% to 4% per month
Term3 months to 1 year.
Other feesOne-time 6% processing fee deducted from the approved loan amount.
₱200 notarial fee
  • One of the most credible non-bank loan providers in the country.
  • Bigger loan amount
  • Lower interest rate
  • Longer payment term
  • Not the fastest turnaround time but disbursement of funds from the time of application isn’t too long either. (3 to 5 business days)
  • Requires a PDC account which can be a quiquite a difficultte  requirement to comply with. 
  • The disbursement of cash is on the traditional side.

Should you consider them?

Given that you’re not too cash strapped to afford to wait for at least a week to get a loan, this is the best loan option that you have on the list. It has the lowest interest rate, more flexible terms, and bigger loan amount. You can better manage your cash flow by taking longer-term loans like the ones that RFC offers. 

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