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The Best Credit Card Promotions For Father’s Day

Shopping for that perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day isn’t a walk in the park! From choosing the item that he’d love to finding one that would fit your budget, it’s definitely going to be a quite challenge. A father deserves the best and it’s only right that we spend on the best gifts that we could possible find, no ifs and buts.

However, the best gifts don’t have to cost a bomb — if you know how to find a good deal.

That’s why we’ve listed down the perfect treats and gifts for dads this Father’s Fay that they’ll surely love, without exhausting all of your budget!


A celebration wouldn’t be complete without a get together and a feast! Luckily for us, there are credit card promotions this Father’s Day that will let you dine in upscale restaurants where you can enjoy a unique culinary experience and sumptuous cuisines, without going broke!

Cowrie grill – 50% off with Citibank Credit Card

This place is at Manila Hotel and is well-known for their steaks. It’s a fine dining restaurant that flaunts cowrie shell decoration for their interiors.

MenuRegular priceCitibank rate

Spectrum – 50% off with Citibank or BDO Credit Card

An all-day dining restaurant that features fine dining international cuisines. Not only will you have a satisfying meal, you’ll also enjoy a unique dining experience as the dishes are prepared right before your own eyes in their open kitchen.

ScheduleRegular priceBDO or Citibank rate
Breakfast Buffet daily (6:00am to 10:30am Weekdays, until 11am on Weekends)₱1,450.00₱725.00
Lunch Buffet daily (12:00pm to 2:30pm)₱2,150.00₱1,075.00
Sunday Brunch₱3,077.00₱1,538.50
Dinner Buffet Sunday to Thursdays (6:00pm to 10:00pm)₱2,380.00₱1,190.00
Dinner Buffet Friday and Saturday (6:00pm to 10:00pm)₱2,450.00₱1,225.00

Circles Event Cafe – 40% off with Metrobank Credit Card

This place offers a casual but luxurious dining experience at Shangri-la Hotel in Makati. Its captivating open-theatre kitchen not only displays a wide array of Asian cuisines, but also the culinary expertise of their world class chefs.

ScheduleRegular priceBDO or Citibank rate
Breakfast daily (6am to 10:30pm)₱1,450.00₱725.00
Lunch 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM | Mon-Sat ₱1,800.00₱900.00
Lunch 12 Noon to 3 PM | Sun₱1,800.00₱900.00
Dinner 6 PM to 10:30 PM | Mon-Sun ₱2,100.00₱1,050.00
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM | Sat₱2,600.00₱1,300.00
12 Noon to 3 PM | Sun ₱2,600.00₱1,300.00
6 PM to 10:30 PM | Fri-Sat₱2,600.00₱1,300.00

Citi Rewards Visa Credit Card

Citi Rewards Visa Credit Card

Earn Rewards Points faster!

Enjoy 3x Rewards Points when you shop


Men are not hard to shop for, that’s because they’re easy to please. While that may seem reassuring, it’s also important to take note that despite being easily pleased, men values quality a lot – same can be said with dads. While they may not ask for complicated stuff as gifts, they will on the other hand look for the best, those that are built to last. Tools, clothing, and gadgets fits this criteria perfectly!

Designer apparels – 70% off with BDO Credit Card

With a BDO Credit Card, you could buy designer brands such as Bally, Coach, Boss, Michael Kors, and etc. in Designer’s Boulevard at 70% off using your BDO Credit Card! You can also pay in flexible payment terms by installment of up to 24 months.

The latest fashion trends – 0% Installment with BDO Credit Card

You can shop for fashionable clothing for your dad in installment at 0% this Father’s Day using a BDO Credit Card at any accredited outlets. Style your dad with items from the leading brands such as  Zara, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, GAP, Old Navy, Kate Spade, Nine West and more!

12% Off at Zalora – Metrobank and BDO Credit Card

Enjoy 12% off for a minimum spend of 500 at Zalora with your Metrobank or BPI Credit Card. Simply enter the promo code MCCZ12 for Metrobank Credit Cardholders and BPIZ12 for BPI Card Holders at the checkout page. Pay using your Metrobank or BPI Credit Card and enter their respective promo code, otherwise the discount will not be applied to your purchase successfully.

Shop now pay later at Robinsons Dept Store – RCBC Bankard

Help your dad step up his fashion game or at least buy him a new neck tie for his work outfit! Usually, they neither have the time nor the interest to buy these, so you might as well do them a favor and help them update their wardrobe once in awhile.

Robinsons Department Store is the perfect place for you to shop for his day-to-day office or casual clothing, without breaking your bank. The best thing about it is, you’ll have flexible payment option with an RCBC Bankard!

Gadgets and handy tools

Men love to feel powerful and in-control, which is why gadgets and handy tools appeal greatly to them, and fathers are no exception to this. These items can be quite pricey for a gift and may require you to peel off some thousands from your budget, but with the following discounts and promotions for certain credit cards, you can keep your hands off your savings.

10% Off Lazada’s Father’s Day Sale – RCBC Bankard

Lazada has about everything that you need, however, they’re more known for their wide array of gadgets and electronics. With an RCBC Bankard, you can easily save a couple of hundreds to thousands when you purchase any items from Lazada! Taking 10% off on a smartphone, electronic device, or a power tool can translate into about a thousand peso savings! This is the perfect time for you to buy your dad a brand new phone, or perhaps a power drill!

RCBC Bankard Classic JCB Card

RCBC Bankard Classic JCB Card

The young’s perfect companion.

Free annual fee membership for 3 years if you apply and get approved. Promo valid until December 31, 2017.

Dads typically show their affection through their  actions rather than words. That’s why this Father’s Day, it’s only proper for us show our appreciation by cherishing them through our actions (and gifts) instead of just words.

Celebrating your father in a meaningful way takes some effortk, but it doesn’t have to cut into your budget! With the right credit card and the appropriate promotion, you can shower your dad with a lot of love this Father’s Day without neglecting your finances.

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