Dear Santa

These Are What’s On Most Filipino’s Christmas Wish List

The season of giving is upon us again. As the most awaited day draws near, part of the excitement also comes from receiving Christmas gifts, thus everyone has their own Christmas wish list.

While mere mortals like us don’t really expect to tick every item in our wish list like it’s some kind of short-term bucket list, we do hope to fulfill as many as we could.

From a previous poll asking readers to share what’s on top of their Christmas wish list, here’s what we found out!

8. Clothing and apparel

While it isn’t exactly a big ticket item that one would pray hard for on Christmas, surprisingly, many Filipinos just want to have some new fashion finds to usher in the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas, and probably for New Year, too!

While everyone could easily afford to fill their wardrobe with some new clothes, receiving them as a gift this Christmas will make the experience extra special. You can’t go wrong with a thoughtfully chosen fashion statement or accessory, which is why this item makes it into our readers’ top picks for the festive season.

Christmas clothing

7. Health and wellness

As they say, health is wealth. When it comes to holiday wishes, many Filipinos wish nothing but good health for themselves and their entire family. Aside from that being the entire point of Christmas, Filipinos are simply born with strong family ties and value. And even on Christmas, we’d wish nothing but keeping our family healthy and wealthy.

On the other hand, Filipinos have never been more health-conscious now than ever! Nowadays, especially for the younger generation, fitness is more of a necessity than a routine to feed one’s vanity. While not everyone is doing it, a majority of the young professionals are considering it and landed this item on our Christmas wish list poll in the 7th spot. Fitness fads have popped up like mushrooms today – there is now different exercise routine for everybody, catering to every type of fitness goal.

So whether the idea of fitness is posting a gym selfie or challenging yourself with a hardcore parkour workout, gifting a gym subscription or a fitness gadget would be a most welcome addition to any Filipino’s Christmas wish list.

6. Laptop computer

A computer is a gift that will keep you in the receiver’s good books for many years to come. Its significance in today’s productivity has never been more essential than ever. It helps people get a lot of work done, in school, in the office, even at home. With the relentless growth and influence of the internet in our day-to-day lives, a computer can aid many in tapping resources and opportunities that their smartphones can’t.

A laptop computer is on the wish lists of many Filipinos today making the 6th spot on our list, simply because many say it would make their work a lot easier.  After all, many Filipinos are engaged in the freelance business online, and a computer is their number 1 go to device to make a living.

5. Home appliances

You could never go wrong wishing for a new set of home entertainment system or a new washing machine. Since home appliances fall on the big ticket item category, most Filipinos save-up for this or wait until Christmas to fulfill this wish list.

Many resorts to buying them on bargain during Christmas or are secretly hoping that someone will be gallant enough to gift them one. Either way, many of our readers agree that you can’t go wrong gifting home appliances this Christmas season, making it the 5th choice on our Xmas wish list.

home appliances

4. Watch

A timepiece is a timeless gift for all season, that’s why you could never go wrong wishing for one or gifting it for someone. Despite the growing popularity of fitness trackers and smartwatches, a fancy traditional watch still appeals to many Filipinos. And for a good reason, it should!

Unlike smartwatches and fitness trackers, the value of a classic timepiece doesn’t depreciate rapidly and it’s an accessory that never goes out of style, putting this item in 4th place on our list.

3. Smartphone

Of course, everyone who loves to get online and stay connected would love to have the latest smartphone. It’s basically a no-brainer option for modern working urbanites today, and even for those who aren’t. Every year, people look forward to a new model of their favorite smartphone brand to upgrade to, and it’s already become a norm.

One way or another, we all have to upgrade to a more recent smartphone so that our phone could handle new applications and updates that get more complex each day, landing the mobile phone in the no. 3 spot on our readers’ top picks.

While it isn’t exactly a prudent financial practice to be constantly chasing after the latest iPhone, Christmas is, however, a good excuse to get yourself a more recent one (at least a phone that you can afford).  

2. Cash

Cash is king, as they say, making this choice the runner-up in our poll. It may not be the most sentimental or priceless gift to give or receive, but it sure is the most practical. Unless you’re a millionaire who swims on cash and sits on a golden throne, you could never say no to money! Apparently, cash is on the top of most Filipino’s wish list, simply because there are more ways than one to spend money!

For many of us, getting bills paid in full for Christmas is already a pleasant Christmas gift. While for some, it can help them kick off their financial resolutions for the brand new year. What is even better is to get cash in US denominated currency! Or, they can simply spend it the way they think it would make them happy this Christmas season by splurging on the items above (depending on how much cash they’ll get, of course). 

US currency

1. Plane ticket

According to Visa’s study in 2016, Filipinos are among Asia’s top travelers.  The report “Mapping the Future of Global Travel and Tourism in Asia Pacific” prepared by Visa Inc. listed the Philippines as the fourth top Asia Pacific market with the “highest average number of countries visited by a Visa credit cardholder”  in 2016, surpassed only by Australia, New Zealand and India.

Apparently, the rising number of Filipinos traveling abroad reflects the growing affluence of the population. Or, it could just be that traveling has never been more accessible and affordable than it is now than before. This explains why many Filipinos are more inclined to travel, and this Christmas many will let their wanderlust take control, bringing this item to the top of our list.

Shopping for less this Christmas

Christmas may give us Filipinos an excuse to go on shopping sprees and perhaps spend like a one-day millionaire. With the 13th month pay on the horizon, it’s hard not to be tempted.

But, no matter what the occasion, to avoid getting burdened with financial obligation, prudent financial practices must come first. Match that with the right financial tool such as a credit card, and you’ll be juggling your finances through the holidays like a pro.

Not all credit cards are created equal, different cards come with different benefits. The key to leveraging the best out of a credit card is by getting one that suits your lifestyle and everyday spending.  Use our credit card comparison site to find the ideal credit card for your needs, plus benefit from ongoing Christmas promotions.

By spending using the right card, you will be taking control of your money, and essentially fulfill your wish list without unnecessarily burning a hole in your finances. Finally, it is good financial practice to always temper your buying decisions with a good look at what constitutes a good purchase, regardless of whether you have the resources or not.

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