How To Find The Right Credit Card For The Holiday Season

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Organizing your holiday expenses can be difficult but having the right credit card can be the best way to make your holiday expenses much more manageable. If you choose the right credit card, you can make your holiday expenses much more manageable. You can spread out the costs of the holidays so that it’s lighter on your wallet. You can even use credit cards to earn rewards that you can use to claim items such as air miles or gift certificates to get more value out of your money. To find the right card, ask these questions that will help you determine the best card to fit your holiday shopping needs.

Is there a 0% installment option to spread out the holiday costs?

The holidays are pricey. There are a lot of things to pay for, be it gifts, the Noche Buena feast, or whatever other expenses you may have. If you didn’t follow our guide to saving up for Christmas, you might be daunted by the price tag you’re facing as the holidays draw ever closer. Buy more and pay less with cards that will let you spread out the cost of purchases over 12, 24, or even 36 months, all at 0% interest. And to get even more out of this easy payment schedule, look for a card that gives you offers and freebies along with your installment plan.

If an installment option is not available at the store, you can also consider a credit card that allows you to convert your straight purchases into affordable monthly installment. Whether it’s a big one-time holiday expense, or several small ones, you could convert your recent credit card spend into light 6, 12, 18, or 24-month installments at a low monthly add-on rate.

Will you earn rewards for your holiday shopping?

With all the things you’d be spending for, wouldn’t it be a cherry on top of the cake if you’d get rewarded with more value for your money. To go along with your increased buying for the holidays, get a card that gives you more than the usual reward points for your purchases. If you choose a card that gives you a lot of bonus points, you can get your holiday spending to pay you back.

Look for a card that gives you points in categories you already spend a lot in, like dining or shopping. Make sure that when you use your card at a merchant, you’re earning points there. Maximize your point earning potential by getting a card that gives you 3x or even 4x the bonus points, so that you earn even more points for the things you’d already buy for the holidays.

Are there Christmas promos?

In addition to rewards, keep an eye out for holiday promos you can take advantage of. Credit card companies ramp up the offers for December, such as instant treats from top department stores or a chance to win back twice of what you spend during the holiday season.

A lot of credit cards also have year-long promos that end in December. Before those promos expire, check if any of them can help alleviate your holiday spending. Especially look out for shopping promos that give you freebies with your purchases. If you’re just applying for a card for the first time now, look for cards that have promos from the get go so you can still reap benefits throughout the season.

HSBC’s credit cards are the right shopping companions this holiday season. Whether it’s HSBC Red MasterCard’s shopping promos, HSBC Gold Visa’s rewards, or HSBC Platinum Visa’s fastest way to fly free, you’ll find the card that will help you pay for the holidays, and get the holidays to pay you back.

Apply now with just a few clicks, and get the right HSBC credit card for your holiday shopping.


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