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Family Cars That Can Save You More Fuel

A family car that doesn’t use up too much gas is always a welcome feature for car owners, especially parents. Nowadays, living on a budget can be a tough balancing act, especially if you have a family of your own. Saving a few pesos on your gas bill can mean more money for other important things, such as better food for your family, extra cash to add to your investments or buying your dream home earlier. The benefits are endless, if you think about it.

One of the best ways to save up on gas is to buy fuel efficient cars. In fact, buying a vehicle that is 10 miles per gallon more efficient in consuming fuel can help you save a lot of money over time. The trick is knowing which family cars give you the best mileage.

Here are the top 10 most fuel efficient family cars according to DOE’s 2016 Fuel Efficiency Test**

10. AUV/MPV – Mahindra Xylo 2.2 RWD 5MT (Diesel) – 20.26km/L

Mahindra Xylo 2.2 RWD 5MT (Diesel)

Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month) ₱1,629.31

Do you have a really huge and tall family? Then you should look into Mahindra Xylo. This car has one of the most spacious cabins you’ll find in all dimensions, and its tall cabin even has enough headroom for 6-feet tall passengers. What’s more, its high ground clearance can help you pass through floods without any problems. Its safety features also include three back passenger seatbelts, dual SRS airbags, and parking sensors.

The rear cargo area is also easy to access, since you swing it out rather than up. This makes it especially handy when you have to haul a lot of groceries, or you have a lot of pets that need to be crated at the back.

9. *SUV – Isuzu MU-X LS-A 3.0 RWD 5AT (Diesel) – 23.53km/L
Isuzu MU-X LS-A 3.0 RWD 5AT (Diesel)

Price ₱1,788,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month) ₱1,402.88

The Isuzu MU-X is a good option if you don’t have the budget for a Ford Everest or Toyota Fortuner. This car has a powerful engine, and like Mahindra, has good ground clearance that can safely pass through floods well.

This car is ideal for families with young, active kids, since the cabin’s layout is user-friendly and well-organized. It’s also great for families who love practicality and convenience, with seven cup holders and 18 storage solutions that range from bottle bulge, coat hooks, organizer boxes, and many others.

8. SUV – Nissan Juke 1.6 FWD CVT (Gasoline) – 23.67km/L

Nissan Juke 1.6 FWD CVT (Gasoline)

Price ‎₱ 980,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱2,019.85

Derived from the Japanese word “Ju-Kyu” to showcase its fuel efficiency, this unique-looking car is a sure hit for younger, more fashionably-conscious families who like their cars to stand out from the crowd.

This car’s funky design extends to its interiors as well, with unique details and unusually shaped piano center panels that add more personality to the interiors.

The Nissan Juke shines when it comes to urban driving. This car is great for daily work commutes, yet it’s comfortable enough even for those longer out-of-town trips with your family and friends.  

7. *SUV – Hyundai Tucson CRDi 2.0 FWD 6AT (Diesel) 24.80km/L

Hyundai Tucson CRDi 2.0 FWD 6AT (Diesel)

Monthly fuel cost
(Assuming 1,000km per month)

The Hyundai Tucson has come a long way since it started 12 year ago. This car wasn’t as good-looking as it was back then, but now, it’s attractive enough to turn heads when your family steps out for occasional lunch-outs anywhere.

The Hyundai Tucson offers a lot of space and comfort. Its well-bolstered seats and steering wheel are great to use, and it can ride through road bumps and potholes with relative ease. In fact, those huge impacts significantly lessen by the time they reach the cabin, making it a quiet and peaceful haven for you and your kids on the road.

6. *MPV – Toyota Innova 2.8 RWD 6AT (Diesel) – 25.25km/L

Toyota Innova 2.8 RWD 6AT (Diesel)

Price ₱ 1,467,000
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,307.32

The newest Toyota Innova can easily seat six to eight people, which is great when you need to include your friends in your family outing. You don’t need to worry about those long drives though, since you can fold the center armrest and tray tables on the front seats’ backrest for an occasional stretch.

The highest variant of the Toyota Innova gets seven airbags (dual front+side+curtain+driver knee) giving you and your family maximum protection.

The Toyota Innova is great for huge families that like to travel and move about. Not only can the seats be folded or stowed away to add more space for cargo or active kids (and adults), it also offers good visibility even for short drivers.

5. Sedan – Mazda 2V 1.5L FWD 6AT (Gasoline) – 26.72km/L

Mazda 2V 1.5L FWD 6AT (Gasoline)

Price ₱975,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,789.29

The Mazda 2 offers good performance, comfort, a sportier exterior and interior that will surely attract small and active families, thanks to its Kodo design language and SkyActiv powertrain.

This car also offers great features like automatic climate control, USB (2x ports), Aux, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, navigation, voice control and a fuel monitoring app. One drawback though is its legroom. Those who are taller (around 5 feet 7 inches or more) will find the backseat a bit too tight, so only families with small to medium heights can fully enjoy this vehicle.

4. Sedan – Honda Civic 1.5 RS FWD VX FWD CVT (Gasoline) – 27.56km/L

Honda Civic 1.5 RS FWD VX FWD CVT (Gasoline)

Price ₱1,460,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,734.76

The Honda Civic almost fits our ideal small-to-medium sized family car. This car performs well on urban roads, and its attractive, safe, and reliable features are a sure hit to families who want a little bit of everything in a vehicle.

It comes with front, side and side curtain airbags, giving the driver the extra protection. And when you have your hands full with groceries, the car is also fitted with the Walk Away Auto Lock feature, where the doors will automatically lock when you have moved more than 2.5 meters away from the car.

The Civic is almost as spacious as the Accord, so there’s enough room for you and your kids to move around. What’s more, it has enough vertical height to accommodate those on the taller side (5’8” and above) with relative ease.

Some of its most noteworthy features include telescopic steering rack, with height adjustable seats to help with visibility on the road.

*Hatchback – Honda Jazz 1.5 VX FWD CVT (Gasoline) – 28.60km/L

Honda Jazz 1.5 VX FWD CVT (Gasoline)

Price ₱933,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,703.84

The Honda Jazz may not have advanced features to boast of, but it’s still a comfortable car to ride in, and the numerous storage bins can come in handy if you and your family love to travel and eat inside the car.

Don’t be fooled by its small stature — the Honda Jazz actually offers a lot of space at the front and back areas. And even if you’re quite a tall driver, you’ll realize that this car can handle quite a lot of cargo without any complaints. In fact, you can even place your pet’s crate at the back together with some luggage and come out happy in the end.

2. *Sedan – Suzuki Celerio 1.0 FWD CVT (Gasoline) – 29.14km/L

Suzuki Celerio 1.0 FWD CVT (Gasoline)

Price ‎₱569,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,640.70

Like most people, the Suzuki Celerio has finally grown up — even to the point of becoming a good car for very small families. Thanks to its foldable rear bench and compact design, the Celerio surprisingly offers good cabin space that can even compete with Toyoto Vios’ or Mitsubishi Mirage’s interior space.

Now with a more laid-back, conservative style that suits young families who are just starting out, this car offers user-friendly instrument cluster and controls plus other standard features like external audio device slots, Bluetooth connectivity, infotainment system, and optional GPS Navigation.

1. *Hatchback – Hyundai Accent Sedan 1.6 FWD 6MT (Diesel) – 29.41km/L

Hyundai Accent Sedan 1.6 FWD 6MT (Diesel)

Price ₱748,000.00
Monthly fuel cost (Assuming 1,000km per month)₱1,122.40

If there’s one car that doesn’t need introduction, it’s the Hyundai Accent. This car has been mentioned on Carmudi on many occasions, simply because it’s a great all-rounder car for everyone — including a family of five (or less).

This car may not win you over with its charms; neither will it wow you with luxurious interiors and great amenities (especially its base models).  What it will impress you, however, is its practical convenience, first-class fuel-efficiency, affordable price, fast drive, and overall performance.

The Accent is good for small children, since it has many storage compartments, shelves, and multiple cup holders that they can use after a fast-food blowout.  The interiors are also sturdy enough to handle their occasional romps and play.


Nowadays it’s no longer difficult to shop for a high-performing car, but finding one that’s fuel efficient and is within your budget can be quite challenging. As the new tax reform that seeks to impose more taxes on fuel close in to getting approved, it’s only practical to own a car that could buffer your fuel expenses from skyrocketing.  So, if you’re planning to buy a car sometime soon, the most practical choice would be these fuel-efficient cars.


*These vehicles consume the cheapest fuel (when driven for every 1,000 kilometers) due to their size and engine.
**The cars are driven through a 280-kilometer course with a maximum speed of 80 km/h with their air conditioner at full blast. Each car is required to be filled up to the brim, driven through the course, and re-fueled again. The results were calculated by dividing the kilometers traveled by the fuel consumed (the full tank method).


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