Fight Fuel Prices With Fuel Rebate Credit Cards

fuel rebate credit cards

With fuel prices changing every week, it’s nice to have a credit card that gives you discounts on your fuel purchases. Luckily, there are a lot of fuel credit cards in the Philippines you can choose from. Many banks offer either special co-branded cards with the Big Three of Shell, Petron, or Chevron/Caltex, or give rebates at any gas station you use.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled the comprehensive guide to fuel rebate credit cards in the Philippines. With these cards, you can save money on fuel to the tune of thousands of pesos every year, and enjoy other motorist discounts at dealerships and service stations. You’re sure to find a fuel credit card that fits your needs below:

Petron-BPI MasterCardPetron-BPI MasterCard

    • Fuel rebates: 3% at Petron fuel stations
  • Extra features: Free P200 fuel voucher with your new card, 10% discount on Petron lubes and auto services, 24-hour price shield
  • Annual fee: P1,550
  • Maximum rebates: P15,000/year

If you frequent Petron fuel stations, this may be the card for you. With 478 affiliated Petron stations, you can enjoy 3% off your total fuel bill anywhere in the country. For every P2,000 you spend on a full tank, P60 will be deducted from your credit card bill. The fuel rebates you earn will be automatically credited to your statement of account; allow for one month for the rebates to show up.

The 24-hour price shield is a killer feature, as it allows you the benefit of paying the lower fuel price within 24 hours from the time Petron announces a fuel price increase, so you can spend less even as prices go up.

Besides these benefits, you’ll also get 10% off on on Petron lubes and oils, as well as discounts on car accessory and resort-hotel partner merchants.

Apply for the Petron-BPI credit card now.

Shell Citi CardShell Citi Card

  • Fuel rebates: 3 – 5% at Shell (5% if you spend P10,000 outstore)
  • Extra features: 5% rebate for SLEX and NLEX toll load, 5% rebate on ALL auto repairs, accessories and services nationwide, 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Annual fee: P2,500
  • Maximum rebates: P6,000/year (Classic), P12,000/year (Gold)

If you go to Shell to refuel, or you do a lot of traveling along NLEX and SLEX, this card could save you up to P12,000 a year. As long as you spend P10,000 at outlets other than Shell, NLEX/SLEX, and car shops, you can enjoy 5% Shell fuel rebates. (If you don’t, you still get 3% Shell rebates.) For every P2,000 you spend on a full tank, you’ll accumulate P100 that won’t expire and you can claim whenever you want; just call the CitiPhone hotline to redeem. If you accumulate P1,000, it’ll automatically be credited to your next billing statement.

The cashback doesn’t just apply to fuel — if you use your card to buy ePass load credits on SLEX, or Easytrip credits on NLEX, you’ll get a 5% rebate. You’ll also get 5% rebates on auto repairs at any service center or car shop anywhere in the country.

You can also rest easy with 24-hour nationwide emergency roadside assistance, up to a limit of P2,000 per service.

Apply for the Shell Citi credit card now.

EastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCardEastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCard

  • Fuel rebates: 5% fuel rebate at ANY fuel station
  • Extra features: 10% discount at all authorized Hyundai dealerships, free P1,000 Hyundai welcome voucher with your new card, 0.5% rebate on other retail purchases, motorist roadside assistance
  • Annual fee: P1,600
  • Maximum rebates: P1,000/month (total including non-fuel cashback rewards)

Do you own a Hyundai? This co-branded motoring card might be the one for you. Not only do you get 5% rebates on any fuel purchase, saving you P100 on every P2,000 full tank, but you also get 0.5% rebates on other retail purchases. You can earn a maximum of P1,000 in rebates per month. Your rebates can be claimed as Hyundai Gift Vouchers, Rustan’s Department Store gift certificates, annual membership fee waivers, or cash credits.

Preventive maintenance services parts and labor on your Hyundai will also enjoy a 10% discount when you use your card at any authorized Hyundai dealership.

Apply for the EastWest Bank Hyundai credit card now.

Metrobank Toyota MasterCardMetrobank Toyota MasterCard

  • Fuel rebates: 3% fuel rebate at Petron fuel stations
  • Extra features: 10% discount at all Toyota dealers, double points at your preferred Toyota dealer, 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Annual fee: P2,000
  • Maximum rebates: P15,000/year

For Toyota owners, this is the motorist card that could save you big. Along with the 3% fuel rebate at Petron stations that can save you P60 for every P2,000 full tank, you’ll also save 10% on genuine parts, accessories, and labor at all Toyota dealers.

Your card also earns you one reward point for every P20 you spend at any merchant, and two rewards points for every P20 you spend at your preferred Toyota dealer.

24/7 roadside assistance is also available to Toyota MasterCard holders along with your Petron Value Card. Services include: towing of up to P3,000; minor on-site repairs, LTO registration assistance, and a 24-hour information service if you’re in Metro Manila.

Apply for the Metrobank Toyota credit card now.

UnionBank Phoenix Petroleum Visa CardUnionBank Phoenix Visa

  • Fuel rebates: 3% fuel rebate at Phoenix stations
  • Extra features: P500 fuel voucher when your card is approved, 10% discount on Phoenix lubricants and services at Phoenix stations, 24-hour towing and roadside assistance
  • Annual fee: P1,500
  • Maximum rebates: P10,000/year

Phoenix Petroleum is one of the leading local independent oil companies in the Philippines. While not as widespread as the bigger companies, there are 412 stations as of September 2014, with most of these in Mindanao, but growing in the rest of the country as well. So for motorists in these areas who find themselves gassing up a lot at Phoenix stations, this card is the gas card for you, with its 3% fuel rebate and other motorist perks.

The card also gives you discounts with UnionBank’s merchant partners, and every peso you spend earns you reward points.

Apply for a UnionBank Phoenix Petroleum credit card now.

HSBC Credit CardsHSBC_RED_card

  • Fuel rebates: 3% fuel rebate at Caltex stations
  • Extra features: 10% rebate on your first Caltex transaction with your new card
  • Annual fee: P1,200 (Red), P2,500 (Gold), P5,000 (Platinum)
  • Maximum rebates: P600/month

Don’t want to get a pure fuel credit card? All HSBC credit cards entitle you to 3% rebates at Caltex stations from Abra to Zamboanga, saving you P60 for every P2,000 full tank you purchase. Fuel transactions up to P20,000 per month will earn a rebate. You’ll get the rebate credited to your statement of account in the month immediately after the month of your transaction.

Besides the fuel discounts, you’ll also enjoy the benefits each card offers, like exclusive shopping discounts for Red or airline miles for Platinum. So you don’t have to limit yourself to just getting fuel rebates when you choose a card from HSBC.

Apply for an HSBC Credit Card now.

When you use a credit card that gives you fuel rebates, make sure you know how much you’re eligible to get per month, or per year, so you can maximize your rebates. With the right fuel credit card, you can save thousands of pesos every year.

Find the right gas credit card for you here.

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