General Benefits of Health Insurance

general benefits of health insuranceHealth insurance as discussed profusely here at the iMoney blog is not as popular as it should be in the Philippines, mainly because awareness for health care is not a fascination that most Filipinos have but because of all what is happening to technology, the need for health care is really getting attention it finally deserves. Here are all the benefits you will expect in getting health insurance.

Inpatient Care

As the prefix “in” implies, inpatient care means taking care of a patient that needs inside the hospital. There is a need for immediate care, specialized procedures and facilities that the patient or family cannot perform outside of the hospital. A patient is only considered an inpatient once he is admitted in the hospital or if it is written on the admission book of the hospital. Normally the benefits that encompass inpatient benefits are the following.

  1. Hospitalization
  2. Mental Health
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Ambulance
  5. Medicine
  6. Laboratory tests
  7. Pediatrics

Outpatient Care

Outpatient differs by inpatient care by this difference alone, a patient goes to the hospital and seeks medical attention but the patient is not admitted inside the hospital since the condition can be treated at his own home or doctor’s clinic. Most of the time, the attending physician gives or prescribes medication in order for the patient to prevent the condition from happening again. Outpatient care includes the following benefits.

  1. Wellness
  2. Preventive Care
  3. Laboratory tests
  4. Annual Physical Examinations (APE)

Emergency Care

Not to be mistaken by Urgent Care, this benefit is more focused in giving immediate care for the insured; this is the type of benefit wherein a patient walks in through a delivery of an ambulance or going through the emergency room to seek immediate healing of whatever he is suffering from. These are the more serious conditions that the insured faces, these instances are acquired from accidents and similar cases of which they need to be medically attended immediately. Emergency care is commonly covers the following benefits:

  1. Critical Care
  2. Travel Coverage

Optional Benefits

These are benefits that are not usually embedded with the health insurance packages. In order for you to avail some of these benefits you have to pay additional premium. Optional benefits usually are the more popular benefits because these do not commonly seek healing or on the business side impractical for providers to include unless more people seek for them. In example is maternity benefits, a provider would have to need more than 25 females in the group to get such. Here are the optional benefits you can find in a health insurance.

  1. Dental
  2. Optical
  3. Maternity

A health insurance from one provider to the other varies greatly, some may not even include outpatient care but if a health insurance has all the benefits listed above with the right price that fits your budget, then good for you!

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