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Average Refund From Grab Is Only PHP20

Grab users have rolled out refunds to their users in the past few days and not everyone was happy with the amount. Brian Cu, the ride-sharing company’s country head defended this move saying that the disbursements were mathematically sound given the amount asked of them.

A total of PHP19.2 million of excess charges due to their higher than the usual rates were ordered by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) to be refunded to Grab’s customers.  This was followed by another order by the PCC imposing another fine on the ride-sharing company for further breaches of the amounts in the fare matrix.

Despite the said amount, various grab customers have posted in social media screenshots of their refunds showing amounts as low as PHP1.

Brian Cu explained the matter further during his interview in ANC’s “Headstart.” According to Cu, the refund was based on the amount spent the passengers had during the period [of] February to August. 

Based on their computation, the average would really be around PHP20 per user if they use it equally. But some use it only once a week or once a month. He even got a voucher worth PHP50 from the refund despite being a heavier user. 

Cu also noted that the refund can now be used through Grab’s e-wallet, giving users more flexible ways to spend their Grab credits. Their wallet is now an “open wallet” as it was granted a license by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas recently.  This will give users the capability to take the money in the wallet and move it to their BDO account, for example. 


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