What is Health Insurance?

Health InsuranceHealth insurance is simply availing health care the cheaper way. It is a form of insurance that covers either medical or surgical costs, either by preventive or corrective means. At most cases, individuals who have health insurance literally pay nothing after a procedure is done but of course, before anything else the insured pays a premium. In the Philippines, health insurance is mandatory in the form of Philhealth but covers so little.

Selecting the right health insurance for you is like taking on a job offer. The benefits have to be well suited for the number of experience that you have or the effort you give to your job, if not better. It really depends on how much should you need when for example a catastrophe happens or basically what support will you be getting to prevent such things from happening. It is a difficult task especially for first time buyers unless you can compare health insurance with an expert’s help.

Typically health insurances cover treatments and procedures ranging from inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency trips, and a lot of preventive care such as doctor visits for monthly checkups. Some plans even cover optical and dental benefits, sometimes you have to shell out a little extra money or even better it is completely with the plan. But all of these are subject still to the Maximum Benefit Limit of each plan there is available on the market. You just have to keep a really good eye for the details of each plan.

A lot of people know that taking health insurance is just for treatments for diseases or accidents that happened to you but only a few people know that health insurance is much more than that since it is used more profoundly for preventive care. Getting monthly checkups prevents you from spending a lot of money for corrective care such as surgeries and confinements. All of these benefits from a health insurance keep you healthy. And did you know that people who have no insurance spend as two to three times more than people who have health insurance. Shelling out a few pesos every month will not hurt you this modern age and can actually benefit you more in the long run.

So it is probably the right time to invest in a health insurance for yourself and your family. You may hate to hear this but “Health is Wealth”. Ask some friends who have health insurance so you will have a clue on how it affected their health and their finances.

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