Why Should You Have a Health Insurance in the Philippines?

health insurance helps you save money and save your healthEven though that health care is not really a main concern for Filipinos even in this modern age and back, Filipinos are suddenly becoming aware what health care can do for the majority. Quite recently with the on- going battle with Reproductive Health Bill passed in the Senate, joint efforts by the media and organizations has made clear that taking care of your body is definitely an important discussion that needs our careful attention. Here are some reasons why you should get a health insurance:

You lose all your savings when hospitalized

Did you know that 25% of people who have no insurance lose almost all of their savings when hospitalized? The worst part is that even your family members’ savings may be affected. Health is a serious matter that most of us neglect but affects us in multitude, not only financially but also other aspects like how we interact with others and how you view life after the incident. Accidents happen every single day, and some of them are pretty serious.

Philhealth can only absorb so much

As an employee, you are definitely concerned on what is deducted on your pay each and every month. Not many know that unlike in the US wherein Healthcare is not mandatory, the Philippine law states exactly that health care should be top priority for the working force. But is it enough? Remember that for the Self- employed, premiums are 150 pesos per month whereas for the employed it ranges from 87.50 pesos to 437.50 a month. Now, a ward room in a decent hospital in an average cost around 400-500 pesos per day. So you do the math, that contribution you do per monthly rarely cover everything.

The Philippines is the Lowest Vegetable Consumer in SEA

In a recent survey conducted in 2012, it was reported that the average Filipino is the lowest consumer of vegetables in the whole of South East Asia. And you know cliché as it may sound, you are what you eat. An unbalanced diet just follows poor health in which many Filipinos suffer from. Try to remember some of your friends and family and how they deal with their diets, are they frequent hospital visitors? This is not to scare you but being well- informed can help you avoid it right?

Think About Nanay and Tatay

Let’s face it no one in this world is getting any younger, this includes Nanay and Tatay. The older we get the more we our bodies get all these conditions because the body as time passes by gets weaker. Sure exercise and proper diet can help but health insurance can even help even better. Health insurance covers all procedures whether preventive and aid for general type of diseases and conditions that Nanay and Tatay may get because of old age.

It will probably cost you less than that latest gadget

This is a matter of priority here. You can get a very good health insurance that would only cost you roughly 20,000 pesos per year or for a gadget that you will be replaced by a new model in the next six months and would cost you more than 20,000 pesos. Truth is, getting that latest gadget is also an eye candy for pickpocket thieves which can lead you to more danger. You want to be the person who will make the right choices here.

You Are Thinking of Resigning

The truth of the matter is, most of the health insurances that we have in the Philippines are acquired through employment. So if you are a no longer an employee of that company, the coverage you have ceases. And most of the time, the reason you keep on holding to this job are these benefits. Will it not be better if you have  a separate health insurance so that when you plan to quit your job, you are still covered no matter what happens to you.

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