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Digital Health Insurer ‘Hive Health’ Acquires Health Plan Philippines, Inc.


Digital health insurer Hive Health acquires Health Plan Philippines, Inc., marking a transformative move to redefine healthcare experiences in the Philippines, benefiting SMEs and startups.

Hive Health, the pioneering digital health insurance startup founded at Harvard and Stanford Universities in 2021, has successfully acquired Health Plan Philippines, Inc. (HPPI).  Most Filipinos know HPPI as the leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) service provider with a legacy spanning 37 years.

This acquisition positions Hive Health to leverage its cutting-edge technology and data-driven innovations in the Philippines.  It can do this via HPPI’s extensive nationwide provider network. The goal is to redefine patient experiences across virtual and in-person care. This also promises to offer a seamless blend of technology and institutional expertise.

Natasha Reyes, CEO of HPPI, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Hive Health has been a valued partner of HPPI given our shared missions. We are excited for the journey ahead as Hive Health and HPPI join forces.”

Network of 60,000 doctors in Philippines

As a full-stack digital health insurer, Hive Health specializes in comprehensive HMO health plans tailored for SMEs and startups. With a network encompassing 1,700 hospitals and clinics and over 60,000 doctors nationwide, Hive Health aims to make healthcare radically more accessible for Filipinos.

Hive Health’s entry into the Philippines insurance scene is a milestone for the local industry. Camille Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of Hive Health, emphasized the significance of this milestone, saying, “Hive Health’s journey, especially with the acquisition of HPPI, marks a significant milestone, not just for our company but also for the Philippine startup landscape.”

Jiawen Tang, President and Co-Founder of Hive Health, added, “Our goal is to leverage tech and data to make quality healthcare more affordable and easier to use, especially for the underserved SME segment.”

Hive Health’s digital platform empowers patients to manage their care effortlessly, with the following features:

  • requesting letters of approval online
  • find nearby providers
  • get access to medical records
  • on-demand video teleconsultations
  • fast out-of-network reimbursements
  • exclusive wellness perks

The company is dedicated to promoting inclusivity for minorities and offers essential benefits like mental health, preventive care, and maternity care.

Address gaps in healthcare accessibility and affordability

Born from personal experiences and inspired by the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hive Health’s founders, Camille Ang and Jiawen Tang, embarked on a mission to address gaps in healthcare accessibility and affordability in the Philippines. The company has gained recognition from prestigious institutions and venture capital firms globally.

With a commitment to making quality healthcare accessible to all, Hive Health is set to revolutionize healthcare in the Philippines, providing access to their innovative health plans online.

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