Which Jobs Needs Health Insurance The Most?

Earning  to finance our daily expenses may not be enough reason to stay at our current employment.  The nature of the job and the working condition in general also needs to be considered. Some jobs are stressful than others while some exposes you to higher risk of injury and illness. iMoney Philippines, lists the professions that are very much have their health at risk.

1 Construction workers

construction worker

Includes Machine Operators, Foremen. These are the people that build, repair, renovate, demolish houses or buildings. Working on unfinished structures has high risk of injuries or accidents thus making them a perfect candidate for hospitalization. Another fact that industrial wastes are also very common in this industry.

2 Office Workers

office worker

Sitting on your desk all day, and lack of physical activity could lead to different obesity, high-blood, diabetes and other related illnesses. The danger may not be evident but the effect may be seen in the long run. It was proven that if you seat for too long, you are increasing your chances of heart disease by 125%. Alarming, I know.

3 Call Center Agents

This is a popular job in the country. Some may think that call center agents have an easy job taking phone calls. But the stress of not getting enough sleep and talking to irate customers may take a toll on their health. Like other office work, they do not have physical exercise.

4 Health Practitioners


Aside from the physical stress of taking care of other people’s health, they are also exposed to various illnesses especially if they are dealing with patients with communicable diseases. Health Practitioners should practice the same caution they instruct their patients with.

5 Firefighters

Getting into a burning building is dangerous, for obvious reasons. Aside from the high risk of fatality, being on call for emergencies can be very stressful in this job. They could be deprived of sleep, good eating habits and long hours of work.

6 Police and soldiers

soldiers marching

Aside from the danger in their life, working to protect the people can take a toll in your health. They are often on call and may be deprived of sleep. If assigned to leave their family, they could also suffer psychological stress which is far more damaging compared to physical related damages.

7 Lawyers

Work as a lawyer can be very promising yet very stressful. Lawyers may experience being burnt out. They do not have exact hours of work. The length of their day depends on the case that they handle. Dealing with legal problems can be too much to take for an individual, much more for a lawyer who handles multiple law suits at a time.

8 Seafarers / Sailors


With the physical activities they accomplish within the day, it is very much important to not overdo it. Fatigue happens to many people and being a seafarer is not an exception. Fatigue can lead to different complications and also higher your risks of suffering from ailments you have genetically.

A health insurance is important for everybody, but mostly for breadwinners. Good health is our most important capital to earn money. It is difficult to work with some health issues. And we certainly do not want our earnings or months of savings be spent on a few days in the hospital. Getting protection from this event is a wise idea. We are aware that the high cost of medical services could wipe out our savings and may leave us in debt.

People who come from different backgrounds need health insurance not just for accidents or emergencies but for ordinary check-ups.  Health maintenance organizations have packaged different products to address the different needs of people.  A health package may include diagnostic procedures like an x-ray or laboratory procedures like a lipid panel or glucose tests for those suspected of diabetes.  It often includes a dental check-up.  Whether or not a person is healthy, it’s always advisable to get a physical exam every few years.

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