JoyRide Promises No Surge Pricing

JoyRide Promises No Surge Pricing

JoyRide, the up and coming motorcycle taxi player announced that they will have lower fares compared to Angkas for the reason that they won’t be imposing price surges. 

JoyRide Vice President for Corporate Affairs Noli Eala said in a press conference in Quezon City on Thursday that they won’t be imposing any price surge anytime, anywhere. Presenting a sample booking,  Eala showed the price difference between JoyRide and Angkas apps. And JoyRide is considerably cheaper. 

Eala also noted that they will be complying with the fare system imposed by authorities minus the surge, which is PHP50 for the first two kilometers, PHP10 for every succeeding kilometer up to seven kilometers. PHP15 charge if the ride exceeds seven kilometers, and 1.5 times surge which will not be implemented in this JoyRide platform. 

As of Dec 31, 2019, JoyRide has about 65,00 app downloads and with 7,000 active bikers on its fleet. The company is confident that they’ll hit 10,000 bikers in Metro Manila and 3,000 in Cebu. 

The pilot run of motorcycle ride-hailing operation was supposed to have concluded on Dec 26, 2019, but the inter-agency Technical Working Group (TWG) extended its six-month pilot run for another three months adding two new players. 

The body has allowed Angkas, together with new players JoyRide, and Move to participate in the “Extended Pilot Implementation” starting December 23, 2019 up to Mar. 23, 2020 with an overall allotted cap of 39,000 registered bikers —10,000 bikers per Transport Network Company (TNC) for Metro Manila and 3,000 bikers per TNC for Metro Cebu operations


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