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Juanhand Loan Application Guide: Apply And Get Your Loan Disbursed In The Same Day

Online cash loans have come a long way. Not only can you directly apply for a loan without any actual paperwork, but it’s now possible to get your loan approved and be disbursed on the same day. If you’re looking for a little help with covering your monthly finances with minimal requirements, this one provider has you covered. 

Juanhand is a Fintech platform available in the Philippines. They provide financial services to Filipinos through their mobile app, which is available to both Android and iOS users.

JuanHand Cash Loan

JuanHand Cash Loan

Fast cash for every Juan!

Apply via online cash loan app.

Getting a loan from Juanhand is fast, easy, and hassle-free. You only need your smartphone and a valid ID to get started. 

How to register with Juanhand mobile app

  1. Download the Juanhand online cash loan app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store.
    app store showing Juanhand loan app
  2. Open the app on your phone and you’ll be greeted with the welcome page where you can enter your phone number to start the registration.
    juan hand app welcome and registration page
  3. Enter your phone number then click “let’s go”. Juanhand will then send an SMS containing your verification code.
  4. Enter the verification code and tick the box that says “I have read and agreed” to the terms and conditions, then tap “Sign Up”.
  5. The next page will ask you to enter a dedicated password for your account. Click confirm after doing so.

  6. You will now have full access to the app which lets you proceed with your loan application among other things.

How to apply for a loan through the Juanhand app

After registration, you will now have access to your dashboard which lets you do a few things, one of which is to start borrowing money. 

  1. Click the “Borrow Now” button. The loan application has three pages for you to fill up.

  2. The first page will ask for your personal information, address, occupation, salary, and phone number among other things. Click “Next” once you’re done.

    For your information
    You can also declare the number of credit cards you own. While it’s not necessary, it will increase your approval chances and your potential loan amount.

  3. The next part of the process will require you to choose three people from your contact list who will serve as your guarantor or people Juanhand could contact in case you could not be reached. It could be your friend, brother, parents, colleagues – anyone who you consider as your emergency contact will do.

  4. The last part is the identity verification process. There are two parts to this: facial recognition and uploading your valid ID. It’s quick and easy – just snap a selfie and take a picture of your ID and you’re done. Tap “Verify Now” to complete this step.

  5. After you’ve accomplished those steps, the app will automatically verify your information and provide you with a loan offer once you have been verified.
  6. If you agree to the loan amount offered,  read the “Loan Agreement” and tick the box beside it once done.

  7. Tap the “Click To Get Cash” button and you will be asked to select a withdrawal method. While they prefer Gcash, you can opt for other methods such as, GrabPay, PayMaya, and local Filipino banks.

  8. The funds will then be transferred to your chosen account.
    For your information
    Your initial loan approval will be small and is only payable after 14 days. However, you can opt to pay it right away to increase your loan limit and unlock longer repayment terms.

How to increase your initial loan limit?

Not happy with the initial amount Juanhand approved? You can increase your loan limit by simply providing additional information such as the following:

  • Company email
  • PRC ID
  • Credit card statement

Each of the mentioned additional verification information will add up to ₱2,000 each to your initial loan amount. You can find the “Increase Limit” option on your dashboard under “Special offer”.

How to pay off your loan from Juanhand?

Paying off your loan is also hassle-free! You can do it through the app in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the app and click the “Bill” icon found at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Your loan will appear in the bill section with the “Repay” option beside it. Tap on it to proceed.
  3. Choose a repayment method, you can choose either to pay via a bank, an e-wallet, or a remittance center. Simply use the details provided by Juanhand to complete your payment through your chosen payment method. 

What are the fees and how much is the interest rate for a Juanhand loan?

Right off the bat, Juanhan will charge you ₱150 for a service fee which will be deducted from your approved loan amount. If your approved loan is ₱3,500, your take-home loan amount will be ₱3,350. 

Other the other hand, the initial interest rate is 18.1% based on our approved loan amount. This is payable within 14 days from the time of disbursement. The interest rate will decrease and the length of loan repayment will get longer perhaps up to 3 months after a few paying off and completing a few loan cycles.

Should you get a loan from Juanhand?

This fast cash loan is for everyone who needs quick cash, on the spot. Take advantage of this loan if you’re only looking for a short-term loan that you can pay off on the next payday. The loan that you get from Juanhand works like a revolving credit – you pay it off quickly and take another loan if you need it. 

This can be a good thing for people who don’t have access to more sophisticated financial services or tools like credit cards. But as with any form of debt, make sure you’re only borrowing the amount you are capable of paying back. 

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