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Helpful Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air-conditioning

If air-conditioning is not available, don’t let the heat dampen your and your family’s mood. Here are some of the ways to keep your home and your head cool.

It is a fact that there are some parts of the world that are more prone to the heat of the sun than others. If you are one of those living in a hot and humid area and using an air-conditioner is not an option inside your house,’s tips will help you keep your cool.

Block Off The Sunlight

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Sunlight travels faster than heat and when it touches air molecules or solid portions, a small amount of its energy is converted into heat.

  • If your roof’s paint is dark, better recolor it with a brighter shade. A light-colored roof will not absorb the heat.
  • Stick special heat films on your windows that will decrease the amount of light shining through. These films will act as shades against direct sunlight without blocking your view. They can be bought at local hardware stores.
  • Placing heavy curtains or drapes on your windows can also do the trick. Be wary, though, that along with the sunlight, these curtains will be blocking your view as well.
  • If possible, plant trees, vines, or plants at the side of your home that is directly hit by sunlight. Check if the one you’ve chosen to plant is compatible with your area’s land. Don’t forget to consider the expansion of its root and height once it grows.
  • Though it could be pricey, installing proper insulation in your walls and even ceilings will surely keep the heat out. Liquid foam pumped into the walls will solidify almost immediately to fill in the spaces, leaving no air gaps the heat could travel through from the inside out.
  • Installing awnings will also help reduce solar heat gain.

Reduce/remove Heat

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  • Unplug all electronics and other devices like your television, laptop, and computer when not in use because they still generate heat even when they are switched off. Your appliances’ plugs should also be kept out of their sockets.
  • Instead of using the stove, which is a direct source of heat, try cooking food using an outdoor grill.
  • If you are currently using incandescent light bulbs, replace them with compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. They are eco-friendly and don’t use up as much energy as incandescent light bulbs. Using CFLs will not only lower your electric bills but also lower heat contribution inside your home.
  • If you can’t replace your incandescent bulbs just yet, try turning them off and only using them when necessary. Turning off lights that continuously give off heat will instantly make your room cooler.
  • Remove heat by turning on your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans as they are meant to remove the hot steams from showering and cooking.
  • Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise to push cool air down, creating a “wind-chill” effect. This will lower a room’s temperature by 8 degrees, making it feel cooler.
  • Open your cabinet doors when it’s already nighttime to release the stored solar heat.

Be Cool

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  • While your fan is open, position a bowl or pan of salted ice in front of it. The salt puts the ice below its freezing point. Thus, air blown through the ice from the fan will be cold.
  • Open your windows once night falls to let the cool breeze in. If you’re worried about leaving your windows wide open, attach a mesh screen so breeze will still flow in.
  • Drape a wet or damp towel by the window for a cooler breeze from the outside.
  • Wear light clothes that let your body breathe and let air flow through easily. Choose light-colored clothing to deflect heat. Avoid wool, fleece, or silk and opt for cotton or linen instead.
  • The same can be said for your beddings. Choose sheets made of cotton instead of polyester, which attracts and traps heat and moisture. Cotton has a lower thread count, which permits airflow.
  • Slightly dampen the sheets that you will be using by spraying water on it. It will help bring your body temperature down once you lie on it. You may also water spray your blanket.
  • Drink plenty of water to help your system regulate your body temperature. It also helps if you increase your intake of cold drinks.
  • Placing ice packs on your neck or ankles will also help make you feel cooler than your actual body temperature.
  • Replace your chairs with ones that do not store heat. Pick chairs made out of bamboo or smooth wood. Woven chairs are also good alternatives.

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