The Philippine Long Weekend Guide For 2020

The Philippine Long Weekend Guide For 2020

Another year, another set of holidays. Whether you have vacation plans for 2020 or you simply want to take a longer time away from your work or business, the most efficient way to do that is by maximizing your leave credits and planning it during these national holidays.

For the year 2020, Malacanang has slated at least 10 regular holidays and eight special non-working holidays.




Combining just a few of your annual leaves with national holidays in 2020, you can potentially get up to 45 days (collectively) to go on a longer R&R session with family and friends. These holidays will only require you to apply for a one-day or two-day off from work in order to have a long enough retreat (at least 3 to 5 days).

Here are our holiday travel tips to help you better enjoy the long weekends in 2020.

Choose the right destination

If your ideal long weekend getaway is to be as far away from the crowd as possible, getting acquainted with the season where the holiday will fall can help you determine which destinations to avoid.

An escape to some of the country’s popular beach destinations like Boracay during April and May (summer season) is only good if you’re in the mood to flock to the beach with the rest of the pack. If you travel there in other months, while there isn’t any scarcity of people in the Island, it is however less crowded and will allow for a more relaxing time at the beach.

The expenses of your travel may greatly vary depending on the season. The easiest way to score cheap flights (aside from participating in promo fares) is to book tickets that fall on off seasons. This way, not only can you avoid the crowd, but also steep airfares.

Plan in advance

If you want to save on your flight tickets and accommodation, it goes without saying that you should plan your itinerary in advance.

For those wanting to get to a popular destination during peak seasons, booking in advance will also be a lot cheaper, especially during seat sales.

Whether or not you want to be immersed with crowds of holiday seekers during one of your long weekend getaways, it pays to have your travel planned ahead of time as it will give you more flexible options that will suit your mood.

Travel early or late

Long holidays may ease up the city from the crowd, however, all major roads and highways going out of the city will be extremely congested.

If you’re just driving out of town for the weekend, this can be an extremely painstaking experience that may even exhaust you even before your holiday begins. If you’re flying out of the country or city, the airport will be busier than usual, making it a struggle for people to get to their destination.

Beat the holiday crowd by leaving early or late, otherwise, you’ll get stuck in a crazy traffic jam if it’s in between. If you’re flying, book your tickets for a flight on the night before the holiday, or if you’re just driving, hit the road as early as you get off from work the day before the holiday.

Bring the right financial tool

If you’re heading to a rural or remote destination where credit facilities like an ATM can be quite scarce, a sufficient amount of cash is more convenient than your credit or debit cards. While that may not apply to many destinations overseas, for most of our local destinations, cash is still king.

If you’re traveling overseas and wants to penny pinch as much as you can, bringing the right credit card with you could save a thousand peso difference in conversion. Not to mention, travel credit cards will grant you rewards for using the card abroad.

Looking for a travel credit card that fits your lifestyle? The card below could be the right one for you!

HSBC Platinum Card

HSBC Platinum Card

Spend overseas and get 4x bonus points!

4x Rewards Points when you dine or shop.

All set for the long weekends in 2020? There isn’t any shortage of destinations from Metro Manila that will give you a good time without flying far and spending your savings. If you simply plan to have a quick getaway for just a few hours drive, take your pick from our list of long weekend destinations near Metro Manila!




This article was first published in December 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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