You Can Make The Best Happen With A Personal Loan [INFOGRAPHIC]

A personal loan is a type of credit that is collateral – free, multi purpose and with a faster processing time in comparison to other types like a housing or a car loan. Hence, you can use it to pay for your needs quickly such as an existing debt, home improvements and the like.

There comes a time that life gets expensive and you need a hand to make things happen. Thinking of a family vacation, or perhaps financing a once-in-a-lifetime event? Fortunately, you can rely on a personal loan.

In this infographic we have sketched out some facts about the personal loan environment in the Philippines and the process of obtaining a personal loan.

Apply for BPI Personal Loan

Apply for BPI Personal Loan

For personal loan applicants, it is important to aim for financial wellness as early as possible to cover for financial needs in the future. At the end of the day, it’s not the personal loan that makes the best happen, it’s YOU.

BPI through the years finds itself in the best position to a Filipino’s financial call, different people have different dreams and aspirations, but BPI works to make a better life affordable for everyone.

BPI offers Personal Loans as much as 3x your monthly income, payable in as long as 36 months. With BPI Personal Loan, you can enjoy the lowest interest rates with the most affordable payment schemes.

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