Making Your Travel Insurance Claim

insurance claims formLodging claims for travel insurance can be rather long-winded. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to making successful claims.

What to Do During Travel Emergencies

The first step to take when travel emergencies happen is to ensure your safety. Call the local police immediately, if possible, to file a police report. If there are injuries, call the nearest hospital to seek immediate medical help. The loss of material things is always secondary to your safety and well being.

Next, you will need to notify your insurance company to inform them about your situation. They would normally provide with you instructions on what to do and where to go in case you have not sought any medical help. Insurance companies are well aware of any travel emergencies that could arise during travels, so trust that they would provide you with good advice during your call.

The insurance company’s representative will get all the needed information during the call and provide you the next step to take to complete your claim.

Typical Requirements to Make Travel Insurance Claims

Any type of insurance claim would have certain requirements where documentation is concerned. You will need to provide all the necessary information during the claims process so that the insurance company can properly process your claim.

Typically, these documents will include:

  • Travel Claim Forms. There are downloadable forms on your insurance company’s website. Alternatively, pick them up directly from their office.
  • Personal ID Documents such as government-issued ID’s like passport, driver’s license, PRC license ID, etc.)
  • Travel Itinerary along with tickets and boarding passes and bills or invoices
  • List of damaged baggage or list of items in the baggage. A picture of the damaged items could also help.
  • Police report for applicable cases like death or theft.
  • Medical documents for insurance claims involving injuries or death.

In case you don’t have a travel insurance yet, you may want to check out our comparison table for Philippine travel insurances.

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