Metrobank Online Banking Guide

Metrobank Online Banking Guide

One of the perks of owning a Metrobank account is the convenience to view, access, and make transactions online. Looking for a convenient way to check your balance? Or maybe transfer funds? Or pay your bills? Metrobank has made all of that possible through their website and app. 

Metrobank’s online account and apps feature is called Metrobank Direct. 

What is Metrobank Direct?

This is Metrobank’s new and improved online banking system offering more innovative features for customers to transact and carry out their financial transactions with Metrobank. 

Metrobank Online Services

Having an online account with Metrobank will enable you to have access to the following features:

  1. Metrobank Online Balance Inquiry
  2. Move Money
  3. Send Money
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Load Prepaid
  6. Open Time Deposit
  7. Send and request funds via QR code
  8. Manage your Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF)
  9. Order checkbook

If you’re looking for a guide on how to set up your own online account in Metrobank, this article is for you. 

Metrobank Online Banking Registration

The enrollment process is straightforward and fast, given that you have all the information that you need in your hands. Signing up only takes 5 minutes and in 7 simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Go to web portal.
  2. On the upper right-hand side of the screen, click “Login” > Metrobank Online  (NEW), then click “OK” when an advisory pops up.

  3. Click sign up and you will be presented with a form for Metrobank Online Enrollment. Fill up the following details, tick the box for the Terms and Conditions, then hit ‘Next”.
    Details you need to complete:
    • Username
    • Password
    • First, Middle, and Last Name
    • Type of account that you’re enrolling: Deposit Account or Metrobank Credit Card – select whichever is applicable.

      *Enter your 13-digit Account Number OR your 16-digit ATM card number with your 6-digit ATM PIN if your account is a Deposit Account. 

      *Enter your credit card number, CVC/CVV, Embossed Name, and Expiry Date if you’re opening an online account for your credit card.

    • Select country (PH), and enter your Mobile Number (the one that’s registered in the branch)
    • Email Address

  1. Review your information to make sure everything is correct, then click next
  2. Metrobank will then send a 6-digit verification code to your email address. Check your email in a separate window then type the code in the box provided.

  3. You will then be required to create a 6-digit Passcode which will be used to authorize your transactions online. Once done, click Next.

  4. Another verification code will be sent to you, this time, via your mobile phone. The code is only valid for 5 minutes and you are required to enter it on the next page. Click “Send Again” if you exceeded 5 minutes to type the code in.
    After that, you will be taken to the last screen of the registration.

This is Metrobank’s previous online banking system and has already been shutdown. All customers are now moved to Metrobank Direct for their online banking needs.

How to log-in to your Metrobank Online account?

Once you’ve finished setting up your online account, you can instantly login to check your balance or make some transactions with your account. Here’s how to do that. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click the login button at the upper right-hand side of your screen
  3. Click Metrobank Online
  4. Enter your Username and Password
  5. You will then receive a 6-digit code on your phone, the next screen will ask you for that code. Enter it and hit “submit.”

How to check your balance in your Metrobank Online account?

To check your balance, simply log into your account. Your balance will be displayed on your account’s home screen or dashboard. You can check the details of your balance further by clicking the “Deposits” (on the left) or “Total Deposits” (in the middle).

How to view your transaction history

When you’re logged in to your account, do the following:

  1. Click “Deposits”
  2. Click the Account that you want to check
  3. Click “Transaction History”

You can filter the date range, transaction, or amount to find transaction history.

How to do online fund transfer with your account?

Login to your account, click the “Send Money” option and follow the instructions on the page on how to enroll and send money to other accounts.

Online bills payment

  • Log in to your online account then, click the Send Pay Bills button. 
  • Simply enter the details required of the merchant or biller of your choice to complete the transaction. 

Accessing your online statement of account

Your online statement can be easily found and accessed through your dashboard or home page. Simply click on the “Deposit Accounts” tab and under the banking solution, there’s an option that says “view statement” leading to your online statement.


Metrobank mobile app

Accessing your online account and completing transactions online with your account is even more convenient with Metrobank’s mobile app. Simply download the app in Goole Playstore if you’re an Android user or App Store if you’re an iPhone user. 

You can also sign up through the app if you haven’t. The process is pretty much the same as the online registration, but the pages are compressed into a smaller screen. 

    • Once you log in and start using the new Metrobank Online system, you will no longer be able to access the Metrobankdirect Personal system.
    • The Metrobankdirect Personal system will be deactivated on September 15, 2020.

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