Philippines minimum wage increase

₱40 Wage Hike In Metro Manila To Start July 16

In June, the National Capital Region (NCR) Wage Board had approved a ₱40 hike in the daily minimum wage for private sector workers in the Metro Manila region.

In a statement on Thursday, June 29, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced the wage hike.

This brings the daily minimum wage from ₱570.00 to ₱610.00 for the non-agriculture sector. Meanwhile for workers in the agriculture sector, service, retail establishments with 15 or less workers, and manufacturing establishments regularly employing less than 10 workers, the minimum wage is increased from ₱533.00 to ₱573.00

The new minimum wage sees a 7% increase from the existing rates in Metro Manila. It also remains above the regional poverty threshold of ₱452 per day for a family of five.

According to statement issued by the government, the new minimum wage will directly benefit 1.1 million minimum wage earners in Metro Manila. Another 1.5 million full-time wage and salary workers earning above the minimum wage may also indirectly benefit as a result of upward adjustments by the employers.

The last minimum wage hike was implemented in May 2022.

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