Mobile Phone Portability Act Signed Into Law

Mobile Phone Portability Act Signed Into Law

A law that will allow consumers to port or transfer their mobile numbers to another service provider or when they change from prepaid to postpaid has finally been signed into law. This is according to a measure that was released earlier today (Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019).  The Mobile Number Portability Act which was signed on Feb. 8, “fosters the freedom to choose and to respond to quality, price, and other relevant considerations.”

According to the signed law, Telecommunication companies should allow subscribers to keep their numbers charge free. Additionally, the “porting process,” wherein a number is moved between carriers or subscription plans, should not take more than 48 hours.

The law imposes a fine of up to ₱1 million and revocation of a telecommunications firm’s franchise to operate for the fifth and subsequent instances if the mobile number portability is “unjustly refused even after mediation.” The National Telecommunications Commission was also authorized by the law to award up to ₱40,000 per subscriber for damages.

You can view the copy of the resolution here!


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