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Top 10 Money Making Ideas For Single Moms

It can be agreed upon that dedicating a budget to a whole family is hard in itself, let alone budgeting being a single parent. And how can one even put themselves in the shoes of a single mother? Being a single mother is difficult. Sometimes it might feel like the world looks down upon you and not with sympathy but with disgrace. But the times are changing.

Today, it is not a big deal if you’re an empowered female undertaking motherhood. Self-belief and peace of mind are all that one requires living a happy life. If independently bringing up a child makes you happy, then you go, girl!

So what is a mompreneur?

A mompreneur is the perfect combination of both a mom and an entrepreneur. She is someone who has undertaken both the jobs successfully. And as successful modern mompreneurs emerge, here are some ideas for  those who have chosen to start out on this path to feel empowered and earn that buck!

1. Mom blogger

One of the most popular professions familiar to single moms and mothers, in general, is blogging. With the lowest entry and exit barriers, this profession requires no startup cost. The most you need to invest is a mere $50 (PHP2,500) for getting your domain name and hosting. Other than this, all you need are ideas, and you are good to go. Set up some social media accounts and make the blog as personalized as possible. The more people would relate to your content, the more there will be chances of your blog getting popular.

2. Virtual assistant

Many work processes are now automated. It doesn’t matter who does the work and from where. You could be sitting right in your living room, rocking your baby to sleep, and simultaneously updating an organization’s Facebook page. Just a little time management and extra-curricular skill set are required, and you’re good to go. Use platforms like to update your resume and alert availability as a virtual assistant. Many offshore companies today comprise of both in-house and external staff. They coordinate tasks with them accordingly. You being a mother won’t matter as long as you get the assigned work done on time.

3. Online coach

If you think you have a way of speaking that moves people and motivates them to do better, this job is for you. Just an active social media account is required, and you are all set. These days a lot of people seek mentors online who can teach them new skills. 

Platforms such as skillshare make it possible for people with certain expertise connect with people who are looking to learn them. If you have a skill that’s in-demand in the market, you can easily upload a course to this platform and earn money for every view or mentee who gets subscribed to you. Alternatively, you can go on Facebook, launch your own page, and establish a private group. 

4. Childcare provider

While you look after one kid of your own, why not make some money while babysitting a few more from the neighborhood? It is a great incentive for you and other working mothers around you. Mothers know they can trust you and feel secure about you looking after their children. And you would be making money off of it. It sounds like a win-win situation to me!

5. Freelance writer

Academic writing, creative writing, writing short stories, or even poems, and the list goes on. If you think you have what it takes to become an essay writer, then this is your time to shine. A freelance writer is a great way to start a lifelong career. Many successful professional writers started from freelance writing and now have become known authors.

6. Become a home-based baker

Who doesn’t love home-baked chocolate chip cookies? And what better access one can get if somebody in the neighborhood opens up a home-based bakery. If you have above-average baking skills, then baking your bread will earn you bread, literally. Using organic products and attracting neighborhood customers should be a great way to get you going.

7. Start a youtube career

You are the single mom of today. You can conquer the world with your abilities. It seems unrealistic, but when it comes to starting a YouTube career, there is no stopping. You can’t possibly fathom how many people would want to know and share your story. Your relatable content would garner you watch time, ultimately making you famous. And once you have a decent amount of subscribers, it’s just the consistency of posting content to keep them hooked that will count.

Becoming a YouTuber in today’s day and age has become a pop-culture trend. The main reason is the direct attachment of fame and the opportunity to become a social media celebrity. Many young influencers today, like Kylie Jenner, feel empowered to share their lives on YouTube. She is a mompreneur with her own makeup line and a YouTube channel where she openly shares her life as a single mother.

8. Embrace your crafty side

If you are good at:

  • All those DIY decorations
  • Arts and crafts
  • Painting or sketching
  • Designing embroideries on premium jackets
  • Decorating a room

Or basically, anything that may fall under you embracing your crafty side. Then let me tell you that you can earn good money through these skills. You can sell your art pieces on eBay or Amazon for reasonable rates. You can make a social media account and build a community around your work.

9. Pet sitting service

Unless you or your kiddo is allergic to pets, there is no problem in this one. Pet-sitting can be one of the most fun jobs there is because who doesn’t love pets. Also, this will not disturb your family time, as well. You can easily schedule your pet sitting time around it. Like, say you are just available on weekend evenings, and you can still attract people to buy your services.

10. Become an ESL teacher

If you want to have a stable source of side-income, you can teach english to non-english speaking students through various English as a Second Language (ESL) schools online. Among the prominent ones in the Philippines are RareJobs, Bibo, and 51talk. 

They’re always hiring new ESL teachers, with at least a 2-year college education as a minimum requirement. They offer a very flexible work schedule as their teacher could choose the time of the day when they could open their schedule for students.  

If your fluent in the English language with neutral to no accent, this side hustle might just be a good money making opportunity for you. 

Becoming a single mother is not the end of the world. It is a step forward into a newer, braver world. People may still frown upon single mothers, whether young or old. But what they don’t know is that today, mothers are more empowered than ever. We are courageous, brave, and independent. We can stand for our rights and support our children both financially and physically. And there is nothing that can stop us!

Author bio

Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as a Junior Finance advisor at Crowd Writer, a research paper service. She spends most of her time researching job opportunities for people and advising them on financial growth. Claudia has helped a lot of clients and wishes them a  better, more empowered future.

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