The Best Local Remittance Service Providers In The Philippines

The Best Local Remittance Service Providers In The Philippines

Due to the low banking penetration rate in the Philippines, banking services such as funds transfer are less common to the average Filipino. Instead, local remittance services are the trend in getting money across the country.  

As much as overseas remittance impacts the economy greatly, local remittance has also played a major role in the microeconomics due to its ease of access and availability for all. 

It is no surprise that local remittance can be seen in every street corner in the Philippines and most of them have become household names because, for many Filipinos, it’s become a way of life. 

What is a money transfer service?

It’s a service provided by financial institutions that will move your money from one location to another. It can be done through banks, apps, money remittance, or even online. 

There are various types of money transfer service, and most of them nowadays are delivered electronically via the internet. Despite the availability of banks in the Philippines, the low banking penetration rate in the country positioned money remittance services front and center.  

What is money remittance?

Money remittance centers are non-bank financial institutions that offer money transfer service from one city or place to another. Money transfer without the need of a bank account is their main service, and they can do it in a matter of seconds. The sender can choose to have the receiver receive the money through cash pick-up or bank transfer.

There are a handful of money remittance service providers in the Philippines, both catering local and international money transfers. Since this article is about local money remittance providers, we are going to run down the most prominent players for this field. 

1. LBC Pera Padala

LBC is one of the biggest local courier service providers in the country. Due to their success in logistics, they managed to evolve their services further from just moving parcels in and out of the country. Just like their logistics, their remittance service also promises quick money transfer at an affordable cost. 

What sets their money transfer service apart from others is that you get the option to have your money delivered straight to the doorstep of your recipient. It’s perfect for sending money to remote locations in the country or for recipients who don’t have the capability to pick up their cash from an LBC center.


They have two types of remittance services – the same day transfer and the door-to-door delivery (next business day). Each service comes with different rates, and they are as follows:

For same-day delivery

AmountInstant Peso Padala
101 - 200₱6
201 - 300₱9
301 - 400₱12
401 - 500₱15
501 - 600₱18
601 - 700₱21
701 - 800₱24
801 - 900₱27
901 - 1000₱30
1001 - 1500₱45
1500 - 2000₱60
2001 - 2500₱75
2501 - 3000₱90
3001 - 4000₱120
4001 - 5000₱150

Next day delivery (door-to-door)

AmountInstant Peso Padala
101 - 200₱37
201 - 300₱52
301 - 400₱54
401 - 500₱59
501 - 600₱71
601 - 700₱76
701 - 800₱80
801 - 900₱80
901 - 1000₱80
1001 - 1500₱119
1500 - 2000₱140
2001 - 2500₱179
2501 - 3000₱200
3001 - 4000₱260
4001 - 5000₱320


Why should you use their service?

One of the biggest pros of using LBC Pera Padala is their door-to-door delivery. It’s convenient for those recipients who are in remote areas or are in areas where an LBC center is scarce because true enough their centers aren’t as plenty as those purely local remittance centers.

Their branches aren’t as plenty as other local remittance centers because their branches are also shipping and pick-up centers for their customers with logistics needs. The queue can get ridiculously long sometimes especially for central branches in main cities. 

2. RD Pawnshop

As the name suggests, RD pawnshop’s core business is its pawnshop services. It’s where people could get quick cash in exchange for their valuable possessions as collateral. This pawnshop has existed since 1973 and relentlessly expanded nationwide since then. 

RD pawnshop eventually adapted to the changing times. It was during the popularity and the demand for money transfer services that they’ve also set up their own system for that kind of service. 

Today, not only do they offer money lending opportunity, but they also cater international and Local money remittance with the most competitive rates. They have over 1,300 branches nationwide and partner merchants and business, thus their remittance service is also among the most accessible in the country. 

Their rates are as follows:

AmountFee (₱)
0 - 100FREE
101 - 2002
201 - 3002
301 - 5007
501 - 70010
701 - 90012
901 - 100013
1001 - 150018
1501 - 200026
2001 - 250034
2501 - 300041
3001 - 350051
3501 - 400061
4001 - 500076
5001 - 650096
6501 - 7000101
7001 - 9500109
9501 - 10000119
10001 - 14000180
14001 - 15000190
15001 - 20000220
20001 - 30000258
30001 - 40000286
40001 - 50000

For 50,001 and above, fee is 345 + 1% in excess of 50,000


Why should you use their service?

RD pawnshop’s accessibility may depend on where the recipient or the sender is. For the most part, their branches are more prominent in rural communities and provinces. Thus, money transfers from one province to another may prove to be more convenient than between city to city. While they are indeed all over the Philippines, their branches are intentionally located in public markets and the like places closer to the general public or “masa” as they are likely the market to their services. 

The downside to their service is the unavailability of direct to bank transfers. The delivery of their remittance service is only done through cash pick-up. 

3. Palawan Express

Palawan Express is one of the most affordable and accessible local remittance providers in the Philippines. They were originally established as a pawnshop business and it was only recently that they started offering local remittance services. 

Their chain has started to grow relentlessly in recent years and they’ve become prominent in the country throughout big cities and in provinces. 


Their remittance fees will vary depending on your location; they have different rates for different regions in the Philippines. However, their rates are among the cheapest in the trade. So, you could never go wrong moving your money through Palawan Express remittance service. Their fees are as follows:

Pera Padala Rates on Visayas – Mindanao, South Luzon, Masbate, Romblon and Palawan

AmountFeeDiscountRebateSuki Points
₱1-₱100₱2--2% of Service Fee
₱101-₱300₱3--2% of Service Fee
₱301-₱500₱8₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱501-₱700₱10₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱701-₱900₱12₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱901-₱1,000₱15₱1₱12% of Service Fee
1,001-1,500₱20₱1₱12% of Service Fee
₱1,501-₱2,000₱30₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱2,001-₱2,500₱40₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱2,501-₱3,000₱50₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱3,001-₱3,500₱60₱3₱32% of Service Fee
₱3,501-₱4,000₱70₱3₱32% of Service Fee
₱4,001-₱5,000₱90₱4₱42% of Service Fee
₱5,001-₱7,000₱115₱5₱52% of Service Fee
₱7,001-₱9,500₱125₱6₱62% of Service Fee
₱9,501-₱10,000₱140₱7₱72% of Service Fee
₱10,001-₱14,000₱210₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱14,001-₱15,000₱220₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱15,001-₱20,000₱250₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱20,001-₱30,000₱290₱9₱92% of Service Fee
₱30,001-₱40,000₱320₱10₱102% of Service Fee
₱40,001-₱50,000₱345₱10₱102% of Service Fee

Pera Padala Rates on Metro Manila and North Luzon

AmountFeeDiscountRebateSuki Points
₱1-₱100₱3--2% of Service Fee
₱101-₱200₱6--2% of Service Fee
₱201-₱300₱9--2% of Service Fee
₱301-₱400₱12₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱401-₱500₱15₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱501-₱600₱18₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱601-₱700₱21₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱701-₱800₱24₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱801-₱900₱27₱1-2% of Service Fee
₱901-₱1,000₱30₱1₱12% of Service Fee
₱1,001-₱1,500₱45₱1₱12% of Service Fee
₱1,501-₱2,000₱60₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱2,001-₱2,500₱75₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱2,501-₱3,000₱90₱2₱22% of Service Fee
₱3,001-₱3,500₱95₱3₱32% of Service Fee
₱3,501-₱4,000₱115₱3₱32% of Service Fee
₱4,001-₱5,000₱125₱4₱42% of Service Fee
₱5,001-₱6,000₱145₱5₱52% of Service Fee
₱6,001-₱7,000₱155₱5₱52% of Service Fee
₱7,001-₱8,000₱165₱6₱62% of Service Fee
₱8,001-₱9,500₱185₱6₱62% of Service Fee
₱9,501-₱10,000₱195₱7₱72% of Service Fee
₱10,001-₱14,000₱210₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱14,001-₱15,000₱220₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱15,001-₱20,000₱250₱8₱82% of Service Fee
₱20,001-₱30,000₱290₱9₱92% of Service Fee
₱30,001-₱40,000₱320₱10₱102% of Service Fee
₱40,001-₱50,000₱345₱10₱102% of Service Fee

Other useful services

One of the services that they offer that other remittance providers in the Philippines don’t , is that they can provide a cash card to their frequent customers. Their cash card is powered by BDO which can be used to receive money through their remittance service and withdraw them through any ATM. 

Should you consider them?

Palawan Express is an extremely efficiently local money transfer service as they have all the bases covered for local money remittance. Not only are they accessible anywhere but their services go the extra mile to make money remittance easier for their customers, from the sender’s perspective to the receiver.

So, expect to see their branches packed with customers and long queues. If you’re in a rush to send your money, this may not be the best place to go to.

Another point to consider is that they lack direct-to-bank money transfer. While their cash card service may compensate somewhat for that service, it isn’t exactly helpful to people who just have a onetime need for their service. For frequent remittance recipients, their cash card may prove to be helpful and extremely convenient. 

4. Cebuana Lhullier

Cebuanna Lhullier is one of the biggest remittance services in the country that’s fully geared for both local and international money transfers. Their services aren’t just limited to remittance services, they also offer micro-loan with collateral (pawnshop), microinsurance, and even microsavings! They’ve basically evolved their business throughout the years to adapt to the changing times. 

Setting aside their other services, they have an established reputation in the money remittance industry. 


Their remittance fee will vary depending on the amount you will send and the location where it will be sent. 

SendingAmountCharge AmountCharge AmountCharge AmountCharge AmountCharge Amount
FromToMetro ManilaNorthern LuzonSouthern LuzonVisayasMindanao
1,000.011, 500.00₱45.00₱80.00₱20.00₱20.00₱20.00

Other useful services

Unlike other local remittance service provider, they offer direct-to-bank money transfer. You can easily move your money directly to your receiver’s bank account through Cebuanna Lhullier’s remittance service. 

Should you consider them?

Cebuanna Lhullier is a well-established remittance provider in the Philippines, so you could never go wrong moving your money through them because they have branches all over the country. The only downside to their service is that their fees aren’t the best and can get quite expensive if you’re sending bigger amounts. 

Their branches can be easily found in malls and even near public markets, so your money will definitely reach your loved ones wherever they are and whenever.  Some branches are even open 24 hours, extremely helpful for people who needs to send money to their relative who have immediate needs. 

5. Mlhullier Kwarta Padala

Mhullier is also one of the biggest money remittance in the Philippines. You can send and receive money through any of the 1,850 branches of M Lhuillier all over the Philippines, with 150 branches operating 24/7 in the key cities of the country, or as late as 10:00 p.m. in most other branches.  You can send and receive money even outside the Philippines through their partners, which are usually powered by MoneyGram. 

They are one of the largest money remittance chains in the Philippines, which goes without saying that their branches can be found almost anywhere – in malls, markets, business districts, and etc. 


Unlike its main competitor which is Cebuanna Lhulliler, their fee is the same across the country. The fee will just vary depending on the amount of money to be sent. The fees are as follows:

AmountInstant Peso Padala
101 - 200₱6
201 - 300₱9
301 - 400₱12
401 - 500₱15
501 - 600₱18
601 - 700₱21
701 - 800₱24
801 - 900₱27
901 - 1000₱30
1001 - 1500₱45
1500 - 2000₱60
2001 - 2500₱75
2501 - 3000₱90
3000 - 3500₱95
3501 - 4000₱115
4001 - 4500₱125
4501 - 5000₱130
5001 - 6000₱148
6001 - 7000₱158
7001 - 8000₱168
8000 - 9500₱188
9501 - 10000₱198
10001 - 14000₱210
14001 - 15000₱220
15001 - 20000₱260
20001 - 30000₱290
30001 - 40000₱320
40001 - 50000₱350

Other useful services

MoneyGram is one of the few money remittance providers that offer direct-to-bank money transfer.

Should you consider them?

MLhullier is a prominent remittance provider in the Philippines and their fees are considerably competitive. They have 24 hour branches in major cities and they even have quick cash loans with collateral (pawnshop) which you can send directly through their remittance service.  There isn’t really any downside in using their remittance service, unless of course the receiver don’t have any nearby Mlhullier branches. But, even that is less likely to happen since Mlhullier also partners with small businesses through their ML Express platform, which provides opportunities for small businesses to enter the local remittance market and be part of their network. 

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