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MRT-3 Rehab Expected To Be Completed By July 2021

A top official of Mass Rail Transit System said on Thursday that the total rehabilitation of the MRT-3 and its components and systems is on track to be completed in July 2021. In fact, they’re moving it ahead of schedule of its schedule.

MRT-3 director Mike Capati said in a press conference in Quezon City that the maintenance and rehabilitation of the MRT-3 tracks are supposed to be started in the first quarter of 2020, however, they went ahead and moved it to November this year.  In addition, the Japanese service providers Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also started working on the MRT-3 last May.

Capati also noted that the delivery of the spare parts is ahead of the schedule and the projections that were laid out to them were also earlier than the actual projections. The 4,053 new rails of 18-meter length to replace MRT-3’s old rails arrived from Japan in July, and more rails are scheduled for delivery in October.

The Department of Transportation earlier said that the new rails were to arrive two to three months ahead of schedule, keeping the 26-month rehabilitation on track by July 2021.

They also appealed to the public for some consideration because they’re unable to do the rehab 24 hours a day. They’re doing the best that they can to expedite the tasks, which they already managed to do – their 26 months projection is now down to just 22 months. They also assured the public that the complete rehabilitation will be finished by July 2021. 

The MRT-3 is expected to be back to its top-notch condition once the rehabilitation is completed. The number of working trains will be increased to 20 from 15 during peak hours and the operating speed will be doubled to 60 kilometers. These will cut the intervals between each train from 7 to 10 minutes to just 3.5 minutes. 


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