A Mutual Fund is Better Than A Relationship? [Video]

There’s no denying it, a Mutual Fund is a lucrative investment. With a small capital of P5,000 (roughly US$100) you can open an account in a long list of companies that provide such services. Here are some of the reasons why it is better than any relationship.

Low Maintenance

If you are someone who is not into the fancy marriage proposals complete with video cameras and a mob singing and dancing to the tunes Frank Sinatra, guess what! Mutual funds only needs one Fund Manager to take care of it for all the the investors. In short, you let the mutual fund work and you just have to wait for it to grow your relationship with you with a minimal administration fees of 2-5% of course.

Good Returns

Basically there are three ways you can invest in a Mutual Fund depending on your risk appetite, either through bonds, stocks or money market securities. Mutual Funds completely understand your needs, if you want to make things a bit slower or a bit faster than most, it will completely adjust itself to your phase.

Your In – Laws Love You

As a matter of fact, you are in-charge of which company (“in-laws”) you will be confident enough to handle your money. They have your best interest and they will try their best to give you the optimum returns of your investment. In fact, they have no choice but to do so since they cannot afford having losses since this will affect their company performance.

The Universe Conspires with You

Well… almost. Few of the reasons why investing in a Mutual Fund is perfect is because the government of the Philippines does not tax any profit you gain from selling your mutual fund unlike stock investments, fixed deposits and government issued bonds. In short, you can do anything with all the returns that you will be receiving.

Convinced enough? No? Here’s a video from Wall Street Survivor how mutual funds work.

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