New Clark city concept

Pollution-Free City Outside Manila Planned To Start Construction In 2022

As an alternative to the Philippines’ hyper-dense capital, which apparently has the ‘worst traffic on Earth’, Filipino authorities are planning  to build an entirely new, more sustainable city called New Clark.

Plans for the $14B development — which will be larger than Manhattan — call for drones, driverless cars, technologies that will reduce buildings’ water and energy usage, a giant sports complex, and plenty of green space.

Over the next three decades, the Philippines aims to build out New Clark about 75 miles outside Manila. According to the development’s plan, the city will eventually stretch 36 square miles — a land area larger than Manhattan — and house up to 2 million people.

New Clark will be divided into five districts, each with a specific function: government, business, education, agriculture, and recreation. While New Clark’s exact design is not fleshed out, developers say the urban plan will prioritise environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

With a minimum elevation of 184 feet above sea level, the city will likely not see much flooding. To reduce carbon emissions, two-thirds of New Clark will be reserved for farmland, parks, and other green space. The buildings will incorporate technologies that reduce energy and water usage. Additionally, the city will feature a giant sports stadium and an agro-industrial park.

New Clark’s developers, BCDA Group and Surbana Jurong, plan to start construction in 2022.


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