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Newly Accredited TNC will Not Impose Surge Pricing

There’s a new ride sharing app in town that will aim to compete with Grab’s TNC monopoly. The MiCab System Corp just got accredited by LTFRB last April 30, 2017, and will hit the streets soon.  Along with their official announcement about their accreditation status, they have also disseminated that their platform will not charge booking fees or implement surge pricing, unlike other taxi-hailing companies.

According to the company CEO and Co-founder,Eddie F. Ybañez: the MiCab app will guarantee passenger to only pay fares according to the taxi meter, unlike other ride-hailing services that hike fares depending on demand.  He also added that MiCab generates revenues through a business-to-business (B2B) advertising model, where they offer advertising space for their taxi toppers as well as their in-cab tablets. This model will help ensure that comfortable, safe, clean, and efficient rides will affordable for passengers.

MiCab is a TNC founded in Cebu by Mr. Ybañez and Kenneth Baylosis. They said that their platform currently has 6,000 drivers servicing 4,300 cabs in Metro Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo.

Similar to dominant player Grab Philippines, MiCab offers incentives to its drivers to motivate them to provide good service. The incentives will be based on a combination of two key metrics — acceptance rating and rider rating. Qualified drivers will be awarded with gift certificates. They are also recognized as one of the platform’s top drivers on our in-cab tablets. Mr. Ybañez also added that their company will not tolerate rude taxi drivers, and takes passenger complaints very seriously. Aside from being “hands-on” in addressing complaints, MiCab uses its data to ensure drivers are kind and polite.

MiCab continues to expand its driver base by partnering with top taxi companies and through word-of-mouth.


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